Everything Clicked … Until it Didn’t, But That Was OK.

This was just one of those amazing mornings … I woke up before the alarm with time to snooze, then woke up a few minutes before the alarm and was able to get up feeling peaceful and ready.  I quickly got everyone fed, the dishwasher emptied, coffee made, checked emails and then was ready to go. 

The weather was great – it was dark (no moon) and a bit foggy, but in the low 60s and not too humid.  I got in 9 miles and was home in time to wake the kids up for school before 6.  But from there it seemed like I was a step behind.

We have an ultra-efficient water heater, but it has an issue with restarting properly.  As a result we get faults and need to reset the system nearly every day.  Sometimes it just doesn’t want to reset properly – and this morning was one of those days!  As a result I got a hot shower, but one son used all of the hot water and the water wasn’t warm again before the other son had no choice but to deal with it.  So I was late getting breakfast and ended up feeling rushed out the door to work … what a shame.

But in the end, everyone got clean, everyone got breakfast, and I even got to drink coffee with Lisa.  Combine that with an awesome run, and it was a great start!

1 thought on “Everything Clicked … Until it Didn’t, But That Was OK.

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