Welcome to My New Blog!

Why after all these years did I want to get started with another blog?  I mean, I am happily writing for Gear Diary and have a busy enough life that there is little extra time.

But still … I have found myself posting longer things on Facebook about my running and other experiences.  That that make no sense on Gear Diary but that I wanted to write about.  I realized that once again I needed a purely personal place to tell MY story, similar to what I did a decade ago when writing for GamerDad and looking for a non-gaming outlet.

How much will I blog here?  Who knows … but I am hoping for a daily entry.

What will I talk about?  Everything and anything!  Daily runs, family stuff, cool new music, my personal aspirations and frustrations, foodie things and recipes – whatever comes to mind!

So thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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