Countdown to Wineglass!

Recovering after the 2012 Wineglass Marathon

Recovering after the 2012 Wineglass Marathon

It is now less than a week until the 2013 Wineglass Marathon. I am ready but nervous …

I know my fitness is where it needs to be – I can drop a half-marathon with ease and have run longer on a weekly basis. My long runs have ranged from 16 – 22 miles. And they all went well.

So why worry? Two reasons:
Goal: I would really like to crack 4 hours, and feel I have everything in place to do it … but the fear is that by starting out with that goal pace I might kill myself later on. In the PA Grabd Canyon Marathon my WAY too fast early pace combined with tough hills over the last several miles made for a very difficult end. I know Wineglass is flat … but I have no desire to come staggering across the finish.

Pace: I always fear going out too fast. I really killed myself on my first half marathon by eating like I was still dieting, not tapering … and going out way too fast. I went out too fast again on my last marathon. My only hope is the pacing group for Wineglass.

Wish me luck!

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