Crazy Week … Made Even Crazier!

There was no question this would be a crazy week – two birthdays, busy work week, Wineglass marathon. But this got even crazier than expected …

On Lisa’s birthday, before I cooked her dinner we got to go for a walk for a few miles. It was mid-70s and unseasonably gorgeous … perfect weather and definitely wanted to take advantage! The boys did homework while we did ~2.75 miles. Here is our RunKeeper ‘after’ shot:


Speaking of the boys … two days after Lisa’s birthday came Danny’s birthday. Here are the brothers, with Danny sporting the shirt he got from his friend Kurt and the Ray Bans we got him. This is before school on his birthday – I made waffles and bacon for his breakfast. The bacon was actually a surprise … we told him we weren’t going to the grocery store again so he would get breakfast from what we had.


Oh yeah, there was this day IN BETWEEN the two birthdays … October 1st. The boys headed off to school and I headed to work, and Lisa was working late so she joined her friend Lia for a walk in the morning. Well … this didn’t go so well! She and I had been talking about the road edges during our walk – how there are no curbs, and when repaving they tend to just layer up, so you end up with rough, jagged edges.

As they were walking a car was approaching so they got to the side, and Lisa caught the edge and rolled her ankle and fell. Hard. We ended up at the urgent care facility, which was surprisingly excellent. They did a quick x-ray and thought it was a severe pull with an effusion fracture, and put her in a splint cast.


The next day (Wednesday … Danny’s birthday) we headed into Corning to the orthopedic office that could see us first (the one Lisa saw before about her toe had a two week wait and considered her a new patient since it had been a couple of years). Fortunately the ankle was NOT broken, she ‘just’ severely pulled all three ligaments on teh side of her ankle. But the guy was able to show her the results of at least a few OTHER effusion fractures she’d had … prompting him to strongly recommend Physical Therapy after she recovered.

We got her fitted for a boot, and she is slowly making progress …


She is off work until Monday at least, not really able to drive, and needs to just take it easy – which is NOT easy for her!

This weekend the boys have a marching band competition on Saturday and I have Wineglass on Sunday … So yeah, crazy week!

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