My ‘Myth of the Runner’s Body’ Guest Post at Ann’s Running Commentary

One great thing about the last year and a half is that I have joined the ‘online running community’ and met some awesome folks. And sometimes it is crazy how the connections grow. For example – I saw that cool ‘Over 50, Fat, Diabetic … in front of you’ shirt picture, then found it came from a site called ‘T-Rex Runner’, and one of the comments was from a guy who had a site called ‘A Veteran Runnah’, and then he had a guest post from a woman who ran a site called ‘Ann’s Running Commentary’.

I really like Ann’s site and aside from running she has a real focus and dedication to her family with a great marriage and kids. That immediately connects with me, so I follow her blog. After several comments she asked if I wanted to do a guest post. I did one a little while ago, and yesterday she posted one in which I look at the ‘Myth of the Runner’s Body.

Here is a snippet:

So … I have a ‘Runner’s Body’, but I don’t.

And that is where the problem begins and ends – inside of my head. Because since I started running in 1989 I have been a runner – and I’ve had a runner’s body. And so do you. It might not be your ultimate goal weight or fitness level, and you might not have the arms or legs or butt or abs you would like. But you have a runner’s body.

Because you know what defines a runner’s body? The body that carries you through the miles of running.

You can read the whole thing at AnnsRunningCommentary!

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