The Heroes at Every Marathon


When I was running the PA Grand Canyon Marathon, there were two spots for spectators and each required a significant drive (>30 minutes). Oh, and it was also torrential rain for more than 20 miles. Yet every water stop was well manned, and there were a bunch of spectators cheering us all on at both spots.

It is a reminder that for every event like this where athletes are out working hard, there are loads of volunteers who are also out there, with no pay or recognition, helping us do our best. It was something I definitely thought about as I entered Wineglass Marathon weekend … But more on that tomorrow.

Post Marathon with Lisa

Also, for every athlete out there is a crew of supporters. Those who deal with the training, the funky eating habits and stinky clothes, odd schedule and aches and pains. But most of all those who come out and are our number 1 supporters. I am lucky to have an amazing person with me … My wonderful wife Lisa. She is always right behind me and beside me.

2 thoughts on “The Heroes at Every Marathon

  1. Congratulations on the PR despite tough conditions! That’s the one thing about marathoning that frustrates me the most – it is SO dependent on weather, and there’s nothing you can do if you get a bummer of a day! Looks like you had a great support crew.

  2. Thanks, Megan! I did a separate post for the Wineglass race summary.

    At the race this weekend there were 1500 official volunteers, PLUS all of the sponsored water stops. One of my work friends was there with her daughter at mile 23 cheering me on while handing out drinks as part of their private school. Every little bit helps!

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