Check Out Tony Levin’s Awesome New Instrumental Rock Project


I have been a fan of Tony Levin since the King Crimson ‘Discipline’ days (i.e. 1981), and he remains an amazingly creative and diverse player, tackling pretty much any facet of instrumental rock with ease and a unique approach. Two years ago he teamed up with eclectic guitarist David Torn and Yes drummer Alan White for a really cool record that had a hybrid ambient/rock/fusion vibe.

Now he has just released a new CD with drummer/guitarist Marco Minnemann and Dream Theater keyboard player Jordan Rudess called Levin-Minnemann-Rudess (who comes up with these titles?!?). I am working on a review of it for Gear Diary, but wanted to share the music video to give a taste for everyone to enjoy!

You can grab the CD from the publisher’s site or through Amazon (no MP3 version at this point)

Here is a video of the song Scrod:

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