Of Love and Running

Wineglass Running1

I really had no specific plans around running this weekend – it was the weekend after Wineglass Marathon, and we were supposed to be on our whirlwind college tour … but of course Lisa was not supposed to still be out of work, in a boot with her ankle elevated on the couch! And given that I’ve run 6 days a week every week in 2013 except for my PA Grand Canyon Marathon week … I wasn’t worried.

But the reality is that I truly love running. I am not very fast, I don’t have the greatest form, and I really don’t have aspirations of doing more than slowly working on my speed and endurance while retaining my ability to go out every day.

You know what I love more than running? Time with Lisa.

On Saturday morning the dogs were up early, but were ready to come back to bed and snuggle in with Lisa and I … and we all slept. The boys didn’t have to be at marching band until 11:30, so we all took it easy. It made for a relaxing day … in fact neither Lisa nor I had showered before the kids headed off. And we were so dawdly that we had to rush a quick dinner at Olive Garden before heading to Vestal for the marching band competition! Despite being there before 4:30, and only getting the soup/salad/breadstick dinner … we struggled to get there before the show started at 6:30 (wait … it took HOW long to get basic appetizers? Another story!)

The boys did great at the show – their score improved over the last competition, but this time they were the only band in their class so … they were first of one! I loved the shot I got of Chris in the foreground (vibes) and Danny in back (sousaphone):

Marching Band1

Late night with waiting for scores, loading up, and the hour drive home – not like their 12:30am night the previous week, but still exhausting. Sunday … was a Sunday. Lisa made some amazing French Toast muffins which were great … and sadly it was time to start ‘winterizing’. Down came the gazebo, away went the patio furniture, the grill got cleaned up, and we cut the grass one last time. The boys had a bunch of stuff to do in terms of homework and other things, so Lisa and I got to hand out getting organized, paying bills and other joyous tasks.

But mostly spending time together.

Right now as she is recovering Lisa is limited on mobility – and that is especially hard for a ‘go getter’ like Lisa! She knows she has to dedicate herself to recovery, but getting stuck on the couch is lousy (despite what your teens might think!).

This morning Lisa was off work for one last day (back tomorrow, yay!) and the boys had no school thanks to the horrid greedy murderous slaver and exploiter we celebrate for some reason … so I got to go for a nice long run. It was a great way to close out the weekend – and a reminder that even as I dedicate many hours each week to running and training, I never forget what is really important. I never forget how fortunate I am to have married such an amazing woman, and how much I enjoy the time we get to spend together.

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