Hitting My Goals for 2013 – Breaking 2500 Running Miles So Far!


From last November … my body was still reshaping at that point.

I got an email from the Red Baron Half Marathon this morning which reminded me of something … that I had SIGNED UP for the Red Baron Half Marathon! I had totally forgotten about it, but remembered I had registered back when I signed up for Wineglass. Oh well … fortunately it isn’t the same weekend as the kids marching band competition at the Carrier Dome, so I might actually be able to compete.

But this week something else also happened – on Monday I passed 2500 running miles for 2013.

Here were my original goals (don’t call them ‘resolutions’):
– Maintain running at least 5 miles per day, 5 days per week all year long. Stretch goal – hit 2,000 total miles in 2013 (in 2012 I ended up with ~1975)
– Run at least 2 full marathons. Stretch goal – run one ‘ultra’ marathon.
– Maintain weight at target for the full year with variations no more than +/- 5 lbs.

It is funny looking back – I thought my goal was more than 2000 with a stretch goal of 2500! I have certainly exceeded any running goal I set – I’ve averaged more than 50 miles per week, and while I wish I had amassed more 75+ mile weeks before Wineglass, I am exceedingly happy with my overall performance. By the end of the year I will likely break through 3000 miles!

I had planned to run more road races, but when the reality of all that weekly Kentucky travel set in early in February, I abandoned most other races. At that point all I really cared about was still running the Wineglass. I would have been happy there – but I also threw in the PA Grand Canyon and (evidently) the Red Baron Half. I definitely kept my weight under control – I am down ~5 lbs since the beginning of the year, and am in even better shape than a year ago. My goal is to maintain this level of weight and condition.

I had other goals around my guitar playing and participating in NaNoWriMo and while those are not going to be met, I am continue to slowly work on music and writing on a regular basis.

So what about 2014? I will wait until that gets closer to set some new goals!


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