Hey Divergent Fans – Allegiant Is Out Today!


I had heard good things about the YA book Divergent, and so when it came up on one of those Amazon $1.99 deals a few months back – I jumped. I tore through the book in 2 days on one of my last Kentucky trips and thoroughly enjoyed it.

At the same time Amazon had a deal on the second book Insurgent along with a pre-order deal on Allegiant … so I ended up with all three books for about $10 total.

Insurgent took me two weeks to read, because it didn’t keep me glued to my Kindle the way Divergent had. I found it was overall a good story but dragged at times and was fraught with pacing issues that disengaged me from the story. But at the ending there were several things that set up an intriguing finale.

Some draw the rather obvious comparisons to ‘Hunger Games’, which is definitely there – but without all of the angsty Twilight-esque romance triangle to bog it down. I am hoping that unlike Hunger Games – where MockingJay was a very weak book that felt terribly rushed – the finale of this series is actually worth reading. I’ll let you know soon enough!

I had just started Neal Stephenson’s ‘Snow Crash’ when Lisa was looking for a new book and so I dropped that to start ‘One Way Bridge’, a highly reviewed recent release. Well … now it looks like I’ll set THAT aside as well!

You can grab the ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes – it is $6.99 at all sites (compared to $11.75 for hardcover)

2 thoughts on “Hey Divergent Fans – Allegiant Is Out Today!

  1. Time to fire up the Kindle. You’re like the 10th person I’ve seen mention this book today! I’m a HUGE Hunger Games fan and this sounds like it might be right up my alley. Plus I’ve been looking for a new series to get into.

  2. They are making a movie for next year that looks like it could be decent. It is funny – normally our kids push us to read these things (like Hunger Games), but I ended up first reading this series. Definitely worth checking out – and the pricing is reasonable which is nice!

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