Throwback Thursday – Bobbing for Apples in 1971

Apples in 1971

I have a wonderful set of pictures I scanned from slides from my parents, and amongst them was this oldie but goodie – me bobbing for apples in the fall of 1971. I would have been 5 at the time and it looked from the surrounding pictures like it was done for John’s birthday where he would have turned 8.

That is my dad behind me, John barely visible to the left and my cousin Kenny at the back. This was at the house on Page Street in Stoughton … which is now part of an industrial park.  

For context here is the view in Maps from satellite view … our house was where the light roofed building is near the bottom in the middle on the street corner.  Towards the top were the houses where Jeff Thompson and Russell Driscoll lived.

Page Street View


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