Five Things Friday – 10/25/2013


The Fridays just keep rolling past so quickly – I can’t believe that we are on the last weekend of October already! This weekend the boys have ‘Domes’ on Sunday- the marching band state championship held at the Syracuse Carrier Dome. Final practice is tomorrow, as well as an early morning breakfast for each band section – different places for each, of course!

For me, this is my final long run before Red Baron, and we are getting an elliptical machine for Lisa to use once she is able again! We will be ‘without kids’ for the trip back & forth to Syracuse on Sunday, and will have to find somewhere to eat (we did Dinosaur BBQ again with Chris last year, not doing that again this year!)

Anyway … here we go:

  • Having the Red Sox back in the World Series brings me back to 2004. Lisa’s dad was still alive and there was a healthy Yankees-Sox rivalry going on. I remember pacing the living room in Townsend after midnight with Lisa asleep on the couch as they made that historic comeback.

    Then they swept the Cards for the series.

    Personally I prefer the latter. I have no desire for close, dramatic series – I just want the win. So I was happy on Wednesday with the Sox winning 8-1, but less happy that the Cards arrived to play baseball last night and split the Fenway series. Ugh … off to St. Louis! C’mon Sox!

  • We are heavily into the fall marathon season. I have run my full (Wineglass) and have my half (Red Baron) next weekend. Chicago was last weekend, this weekend is Marine Corps, and in the next couple of weeks we have Philly and others. The weather is certainly ‘crisp’ and great for running – I know I would rather run next week in 28F chills like last year rather than the 80F and humid weather for the last half of Wineglass!

    Along those lines, one cool thing with blogging and following running blogs is seeing folks from different blogs who happened to be at the same races and getting different perspectives. It happened with Chicago and with the Runner’s World Half Marathon in Bethlehem PA last weekend. Seeing things from these various viewpoints … well, I love that!

  • A bunch of sites are highlighting a Runner’s World article on anemia this week. What I have see is many people freaking out unnecessarily. Here is the important quote:

    There is not an increased prevalence of anemia in athletes, but mild anemia that may go unnoticed in the general population can impact athletic performance.

    So basically make sure to get your annual physical and check your bloodwork. For me, I watch for fatigue and lethargy due to my thyroid, not anemia. But it is another reminder to listen to your body … you never know what it might be telling you!

  • Another news report was about a 6-year old girl from Texas who became the youngest person on record to run and finish a half-marathon. I have many thoughts on this one … but the biggest one is disgust that what was really happening was her parents were using her as a attention-getting pawn to raise money for a pro-life group. Many people question if it was advisable for a 6-year old body to run that sort of distance – and I have no idea about that.

    But regardless of your feelings on pro-life/pro-choice … engaging your preschool child as a PR stunt / fundraising tool for your political views by having them participate in an activity many question as unhealthy? Just not cool.

  • Speaking of marathons and politics … there was real concern that the Marine Corps Marathon would have to be canceled due to the government shutdown. Yes I know a road race is FAR from a ‘critical item’, but it is just another one of those things that were impacted as we are reminded of how bloated, self-serving and inefficient Washington remains despite a new group of ‘we’re going to shake things up’ folks heading there every few years.

And here are Five Things that bring me joy:
– Lisa
– Danny & Chris
– Running
– My job and working with great people on cool stuff
– Music (listening, playing, tinkering with gear and apps)

What are your plans for the weekend?


One thought on “Five Things Friday – 10/25/2013

  1. Wow, that’s crazy about the little girl running the half. Yea, the reason behind it seems a bit odd, but she is cute, I will say that! Good Luck next weekend in your half!

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