Honest Company Slogans – What They SHOULD Say!

honest pepsi slogan

Over at Business Insider there is a post that looks at a more honest set of slogans for companies. The one about Pepsi above made me laugh, because it is almost exactly what our waitress said to me at Applebee’s this weekend. We were driving back from Syracuse and the boy’s marching band state competition, and wanted someplace quiet and easy to eat (the kids were on buses and over-ran the A&W in Cortland) … so we hit Applebee’s. When I asked for a Diet Coke, the very nice waitress looked at me apologetically and said ‘is Pepsi OK?’. I am not picky, so it was. But it occurred to me that I have never heard someone apologetically say ‘we only have Coke, is that ok?’.

The other slogans are also hilarious, such as Ticketmaster ‘Yeah … we’re going to charge you whatever we want’. So I thought it would be fun to try to do others, similar to what they’ve done at HonestSlogans.

So here is mine:

Microsoft “We liked it better when everyone just bought whatever we put out.”

What honest slogan can you come up with?

2 thoughts on “Honest Company Slogans – What They SHOULD Say!

  1. Water is definitely better for us! I generally prefer Diet Coke, but so often the sales in local stores are on Pepsi so we’ll grab that … as a result when I am out and if I want a soda I am fine either way. Sort of like Mac/PC, iOS/Android … I really am not a zealot about this sort of thing … πŸ™‚

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