NYC ‘Run with Ryan Hall’ Takes to the Treadmill

Can You Run With Ryan

Back in 2011 to promote the NYC Marathon, ASICS set up a wall in a subway that projected Ryan Hall’s pace along with a counter that let you try to see how you would run against him. Check out the video:

This year ASICS has taken to the streets – they set up a treadmill on the back of a truck with a hanging harness that allows runners to hop on and FEEL the pace. There is more detail here, but they say:

We built a treadmill that only runs at the speeds of America’s fastest marathoners. We’re driving it around New York to let people jump on and see how long they can keep up.

Spoiler: people can’t keep up for very long! The record right now is 3:41, which at that pace is about 3/4 of a mile, which is actually pretty good!

Check out the video:

Ryan Hall checked it out and tweeted about it as well!

Personally? I don’t think I would last very long at all – but if I was given the chance I would try it just for the humbling feeling of going my very fastest for a few seconds before ending up dangling from the tether!


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