Sorry, Not Sorry: Tired of Tapering, I Ran 7 Miles Today

November Run1

Yeah, I know – so stupid to run 7 miles the day before a half-marathon if I really care about my time or how I plan to feel after. But as I have said, I am not going to let myself get so engrossed in any race that it detracts from my pure joy of running. So that is my story – and I’m sticking to it.

Today was another perfect running day – 50 degrees, light breeze, mostly cloudy … and just a gorgeous fall day. I put on my Garmin because I really didn’t know where I was running – well, that isn’t true. I had planned my week out so I knew exactly where I SHOULD run … but I wanted to do something else. And by the time I was leaving our development (0.75mi) I had to stop myself from heading on a long hilly route … but I still headed out straight until I was 2 miles from home (not bad so far).

But then I kept going to the easy turn-around by the new condo construction, then on the way home took two different side routes. So yeah, perhaps not the smartest choice in terms of my running tomorrow … but there are so few of these glorious fall days left I couldn’t stop myself.

You’ll find out how it impacted my race time tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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