Winter Decides to Remind Us It is Coming


Yesterday’s Red Baron Half Marathon was chilly and windy – but at 39F at the start it was a full 10 degrees warmer than last year! This morning, however, the forecast temperatures of ‘low 20s’ slipped into the ‘upper teens’ – and as you can see it was only 19 when I headed out for my run. The winds were still there, and I felt it through my gloves. My fingers are my only weak point when running in the cold.

Yes, winter is coming … like it or not. And just because I RUN in sub-zero temperatures doesn’t mean I like them!

Oh, and another thing about the Red Baron – last year (and prior years as well, I gather), they teamed up with the Wineglass folks and provided a ‘Wine Baron Club’ shirt for those who ran both the Wineglass full marathon and the Red Baron half. Here is the shirt:


No such thing this year – the race director said it had to do with sponsorship. Oh well …

And yes, I did say I was up and running this morning. The reality is that I didn’t push myself so hard yesterday that I felt any worse than on a normal weekend run, and I really wanted to test my body this morning to see. I did just over 4 miles, and aside from some general tightness and the cold in my fingers I was great.

Oh, and as Lisa reminds me, it WAS cold out there yesterday … and I certainly know that for non-runners there was no desire to stand out in that cold. It always makes me appreciate the volunteers and spectators who come out to cheer us on. Amazing folks!

Happy Monday to everyone!


2 thoughts on “Winter Decides to Remind Us It is Coming

  1. So true! I was talking about that this morning with a woman who can no longer run due to hip issues but comes out with her daughter and cheers everyone on and works aid stations and so on. Amazing people. I was plenty warm … unlike them!

    And I really just wish we could all get on the metric system so we wouldn’t have to play the ‘mental math’ game all the time! 🙂

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