Sorry, We’ve Cancelled Thanksgiving, It Was in the Way of Moving Black Friday to Thursday

Macys Thanksgiving

OK, that is just joking around to an extent, but at this point we know that Macy’s and JC Penney will be opening at 8PM on Thanksgiving Day. And now we know that Best Buy is opening at 6PM. Other stores opening Thursday include Target, Sears, and Toys R Us. Now I’m not the ‘calendar police’, but to me it seems a bit disingenuous to have ‘Black Friday’ on a Thursday, right?

From a Chicago Tribune article:

“We don’t think it’s the consumer saying, ‘Open up earlier, open up more.’ We think it’s really the retailers trying to get at the wallet and pull them into the store — to get to the money before it’s all spent.”

However, a relatively small segment of deal-seeking consumers will be glad for the extended Black Friday, Duber-Smith said. He calls them adventure shoppers who are “stimulated by the hunt.”

Last year, 23 percent of holiday shoppers said they would shop on Thanksgiving Day, up from 17 percent in 2011, according to a shopping survey by Deloitte.

A different poll found nearly 1 in 7 shoppers admitted to skipping Thanksgiving dinner, rushing through it or starting early to participate in Black Friday sales. Some chose not to travel to a relative’s house in favor of shopping, according to the poll released by and conducted online by Harris Interactive.

I use that extended quote for a reason: it highlights that this ‘open on Thursday’ thing isn’t really ‘customer driven’ … but over just the last couple of years it has already become embedded into the mainstream expectations: in other words, we might complain, but many of us will be lined up outside of Best Buy before we even get a piece of pumpkin pie.

We just got Lisa’s schedule, and fortunately she doesn’t have to work the insane Thursday overnight (yes I know it is 2AM but I really need some dress socks), but DJ Chris will be making the scene from 8PM to midnight!

Admittedly I grew up under the ‘Blue Laws’ in Massachusetts, so I am inclined to think of the people in retail as actual humans who deserve some time off to be with their family and friends. That sentiment is amplified by my own years working in retail in high school and college. But it just seems sad to me that we’ve lost one of the last days we have blocked off as a nation – Christmas is at least partially a religious / Christian celebration, making it a holiday only for some people, and there are no other holidays since we lost July 4th and New Years Day long ago.

What do you think about stores opening on Thanksgiving day? Will you be out shopping? Are you someone who heads out Black Friday? How has online shopping tipped the balance for you through the years?

3 thoughts on “Sorry, We’ve Cancelled Thanksgiving, It Was in the Way of Moving Black Friday to Thursday

  1. I totally agree with you. My husband was a retail manager for many years (most recently for a Best Buy) and we never got to spend Thanksgiving together because he had to sleep during the day and be to work in the evening. And then work like 20 hours straight. It was a nightmare. Now he sells cars and his dealership actually operates at normal hours. It’s so nice to have him around for the holidays. 🙂

    I do as much of my shopping online as I can. I just purchased half of my daughter’s gifts today from the comfort of my desk. I hate the mall.

  2. I actually enjoy shopping … but am not a huge lover of crowds, mainly because you wind up dealing with so many rude people!

    Years ago Lisa was in the lab as a Medical Technologist, and that meant weekends and holidays all the time – especially as being younger meant less seniority … so we definitely knew the ‘holiday shuffle’ well before now.

    I look back on it differently, because I could work retail as many hours as possible over school vacations and people were willing to let me so they could be with family while I saved money for college.

  3. I am not a huge Black Friday shopper and my only main shopping must have is I go to Freddy’s for socks. Mainly only because my MIL and SIL’s go so I tag along. It makes me mad that they are opening early, people need to be with their families! For some, this is the only time people can slow down long enough to enjoy relaxing with family. I have heard horror stories about Black Friday shopping and I think it is sickening to see how people can act over it.

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