‘Once a Runner’ for Kindle $1.99 ‘Deal of the Day’

Once a Runner

Today (11/14) only over at Amazon they are featuring ‘Once a Runner’ by John L. Parker Jr. This is one of those books I have heard about and has been on my Amazon Wish List for quite a while. Based on my backlog I have no idea when I will get to it, but at $1.99 if this is a book you’ve been thinking about now might be the time to jump.

From one of the customer reviews:

a) Competative runners: this is an increadible book, period. The best part about it is reading about a little tiny nuance in Quenton’s running life and saying to yourself, “I know exactly what he’s talking about, wow”, which will happen literally hundreds of times. Your hopefully already-substantial appreciation for the sport will likely increase tenfold with this book.

b) The casual runner, recreational, or other athlete: this is an excellent book and is very highly reccomended. You probably will not appreciate it to it’s fullest extent, but there are aspects of the story and how it is told that will be enjoyed by anyone with the capacity for excitement from sports or human physical endeavors.

c) The non-athlete: this book may not make sense to you. Not in the literary sense, but it may seem as though there is little direction in the story, and you might read it and then find yourself thinking that nothing interesting really happened, and you are not really to blame for this. There is still a good chance that you will find it enjoyable, but if you are looking for a piece of literature based on traditional merits (plot, character development, etc) there are likely better books out there for you to spend time on.

Some of the other reviews are less positive, citing that the non-running material often veers between boring and offensive.

Head to Amazon and check it out!


5 thoughts on “‘Once a Runner’ for Kindle $1.99 ‘Deal of the Day’

  1. Speaking of backlog, look who’s catching up on so many posts and bombarding you with comments? Sorry! Just wanted to throw in my vote for this book – I loved it and honestly don’t even remember the parts that could have been considered offensive, but maybe I just blocked them out :). Hope you like(d) it!

  2. I am SO behind on reading – helping out beta testing a huge iPad game has occupied too much free time (fortunately they getting ready to release soon).

    Comments are always welcome – I won’t call you a stalker 😀

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