Runs in Shorts … Get Them While You Can! Also, Safety is all About Awareness!

Running in Shorts

Today when Lisa left for work the temperature was 53F, and although it was a bit rainy, I knew what that meant – shorts for my run! It was windy so I wore a light hat and gloves and a long sleeve tech shirt, but … oh yeah, shorts! I have talked about not being thrilled heading into winter, so I knew I wanted to get out and appreciate this weather while I could.

Since I just wanted to run, I chose the ‘airport loop’ – long and mostly flat and fast and few distractions, it would be great for just running. It sprinkled and misted the whole time, but it never got extremely rainy nor too windy – it was just a nice dreary fall day!

I ended up running just over 12 miles, and it was every bit as wonderful as I knew it would be. It is one of those ‘positive affirmation’ days … the joy of running flowed through me the whole time. I recorded with my Garmin, but haven’t even plugged in yet – I really don’t care that much about the numbers (and have stuff to get done!)

As for the picture – I just wanted a ‘running in shorts’ pic, but my phone was wet from being in my running belt the whole time and that gave a cool effect to the picture – no filters needed!

Which reminds me – Safety. I am big on safety and awareness – not a fan of music while running (diminished awareness), and a big fan of reflective gear and headlamps. But sometimes it is beyond your control – and that is what happened to me today. Typically at an intersection with cars rolling in I will stop and go behind them to let them go. I have had too many ‘near misses’ through the years.

But today I was coming to a side street and could see a car coming well down the street and had plenty of room so I just headed across. What I didn’t realize was that the person was turning right at the corner and was using the increased visibility of the leaves being down to determine no cars were coming … and was therefore accelerating into the turn without looking … I sprinted and go by, and heard the person cursing as they blew through the stop sign at 20-30MPH (somehow this was MY fault?)

Bottom line – in Car vs. Runner, Car always wins … so be proactive in your safety, and expect the unexpected (whatever that means)!


4 thoughts on “Runs in Shorts … Get Them While You Can! Also, Safety is all About Awareness!

  1. It is amazing at how many people are just plain rude to runners. I really do not get why they get so worked up or why they refuse to move over a little as they pass. What is crazy is that most of the people that I see that do not get over are older drivers (70+ years). When I see a car that is not moving over for me 9 times out of 10 it will be an older driver.

  2. This time was just plain recklessness – they could easily have killed a kid playing ball, biker, or anyone unfortunate enough to expect them to stop (or at least LOOK) at the stop sign!

    But I have most problems with guys in pickup trucks in terms of running me off the road … doesn’t help with the terrible stereotype image I already had of them when we moved from the Boston area to western NY … 😉

  3. I feel the same way, I ALWAYS wave cars to go first, and ALWAYS stop and check a million times both ways. My sister was running with me once and just ran across the street and said “what we’re pedestrians we have the right of way” and i was like. UM NO. I’m get scared too many people think the same way about cars.. oh no, they’ll stop they see me. I don’t even like to take the chance.

    Less serious news, I wore shorts and a t-shirt out running today. 70 degrees!!

  4. I have really been enjoying wearing shorts while running this late into the fall!
    I run in the city and always worry about cars not stopping while I am running. I also tend to just let the cars go first and always slow down when crossing a street, even when I have a walk sign.

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