Running Weather and Appreciating What We Have Now

Running in Shorts B_3

Don’t worry, this is very likely the last ‘Mike’s Legs’ shot you’ll have to endure … but after waking up and finding it 57 rather than the 43 I expected, I was thrilled to get out there for my run. I took the picture after coming home, surprisingly bright for just the moon and one streetlamp.

But while I was thrilled, I was terribly slow – I had hit the snooze button once (that is my ‘allowance’ if I am tired), and with the strong winds from the violent storms that caused death and destruction in the midwest yesterday, none of us slept very well.

But I did get out eventually – knowing the temperature would never get as high again all week long!

I grabbed this when I got home:

Running in Shorts B_1

It is a reminder that while I can look out and see colder mornings, and possible snow for the weekend, this morning was clear, moon-lit and warm. And that is a metaphor for everything, really. It is always possible to find things to worry about – I mean, if you have kids or a spouse or a family or own a house or car or computer or appliances or job … well, you could make a list of things to worry about and still be worried about the things you forgot!

November on Facebook seems to be the ‘thankful of the day’ month, which is a great way to look at all there is to be thankful for in our lives. And that was what I was thinking about this morning on my run – that instead of thinking ‘I better get out now because the rest of the week is going to be cold and then snowy’, I should think ‘today is gorgeous … enjoy it’.

And that is true for everything – we could always use more money, better weather, things to swing our way more favorably, and so on. But look at life, at day trips and vacations and other events – is it always the ones with perfect weather we remember? Or was it something else?I think it is because we allowed life to happen, we were present in the moment, and what happened was all about appreciating where we were in life.

Oh, and one other fun thing – the boys put out the trash and recycling last night, and as I listened to the winds I thought ‘OK, so instead of my run I will be collecting our recycling’.

But the way we put out our recycling bins is to have paper products on the bottom, with the heaviest and densest stuff at the top and stack the bins. So when the winds blew through and everything went over … we were very fortunate that the bottom bins were blocked by the top bin, which was sandwiched against the trash can. Here is the picture I just had to take:

Running in Shorts B_2

It was such a perfect arrangement I couldn’t touch it. And somehow that is like life – it is a mess, and yet there is some sort of perfect order going on.


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