Why There Will Be No ‘Runner’s Streak’ for Me This Year


Last Year I participated in the Runner’s World Runner’s Streak. Runner’s World has a couple of these during the year, and basically goal is to run at least 1 mile every day between two dates. Earlier this year it was between Memorial and Independence Day … and now it is from Thanksgiving to New Year.

When I participated last year I dove in deep – I started the week after the Red Baron Half Marathon, and instead of running 1 mile … I ran at least 5 miles per day! I kept it going for more than two and a half months, and finally stopped when I knew my body was done – and that I could no longer put forth any reasonable excuse to keep going.

But I am not doing it this year. Why not?

– My daily run goal is > 5 miles.
– I have no desire to get all suited up in the cold of winter just to run a very slow, rest-like 1 mile jog … and I never did last year.
– Running every day without a true rest period each week is not a healthy choice for your body – and I have no desire to end up hurt.

Last year I dove into it because I was afraid, quite honestly. Afraid that with the race season done I would lose my motivation and never get back to my weekly running schedule and mileage.

I don’t have that fear this year – I am writing up my ‘winter running goals’ now, but suffice to say that plodding through every day very slowly just ticking off a daily run and trying to keep from ending up injured due to over-training is NOT on that list!

Running is a passion for me, more than the habit it was for many year – and that is somethng a little cold weather won’t take away.

If you want to get involved, be very aware of what is entailed and make sure you approach it carefully. Head to Runner’s World for more details, and you can also follow on Twitter with #RWRunStreak.

2 thoughts on “Why There Will Be No ‘Runner’s Streak’ for Me This Year

  1. It is a very interesting thing to try, and I really don’t regret doing it last year – I just know it is important for me to understand the reasons behind stuff I do. This winter I hope to be sore from reasons other than never taking a rest day 🙂 If you do it, be smart and follow that 1-mile rule occasionally 🙂

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