My Winter Running Goals

Snow Running

This week at work there have been a number of meetings and joint sessions and other events within my project, and as a matter of course running came up many times. I was asked if I was running more races in the winter, what race plans I had for next year, and so on. And while I don’t have a ‘race calendar’ set up yet, I definitely have race goals and plans to meet those goals.

Here are my goals for 2014:
– Stay healthy and injury-free
– Continue to love my morning runs
– Break 4 hours in a marathon
– Run at least 2 marathons
– Run at least 2 half-marathons
– Run an Ultra – in this case I mean 50 miles, not 50k.

So … how do I plan to use the next four frigid months? Just a few simple guidelines:
– Run 6 days per week
– Run at least 5 miles per day
– Make one run each week a ‘run with purpose’
– Do more strength / bodyweight exercise
– Keep my clean/healthy eating habits up

It seems like a simple thing … but it really isn’t. Getting up to head out in sub-freezing temperatures with any variety of weather and wind conditions quickly gets tiresome, although once I actually DO leave the house doing at least 5 miles is not an issue – unless there is ice.

And what is a ‘run with purpose’? Generally some sort of speed or form-based activity. The other day I realized that I have been tapering or building for two months now, between the Wineglass and Red Baron. My last ‘purpose’ runs were all about ‘running by feel’, and I’m happy with how that has been going. So now it is time to get back to working on pace and speed.

I have been making an effort to minimize my ‘morning dawdle’ since mentioning it last week and have been doing well … and really feel good about keeping it up. I mentioned that last year I had the fear that I would fail to sustain my running through the winter – that is not a concern this year.

What are your winter running plans and race plans for the spring?

4 thoughts on “My Winter Running Goals

  1. Those are great goals, I really like number 1 ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s my number 1 goal too. I’d like to get faster, stronger and have better endurance in 2014.

    So far I have 3 races scheduled and paid for 2014. Two Resolution Runs in January (5k and 8k) and my first half marathon in May. I’ve been toying with the Around the Bay race in March and posted my thoughts about it today. I will definitely be doing the Canada Army Run in September, it’s such an emotional event and I plan to take on the half there. We have a small race here on the Island in August with all of the proceeds going to our little school so that’s on my list too.

  2. Great goals! I’m still figuring mine out – kind of starting to train for another full marathon, although I just don’t know if I can do it! I so enjoy the seasons where I do multiple halves and really enjoy racing … but I’m also so unsatisfied with my 4 marathon times and KNOW I can do better … and have the itch to give it a go! We’ll see ๐Ÿ™‚

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