Throwback Thursday – When My Babies WERE Babies!


OK, so I will admit to absolutely loving doing these Throwback Thursday posts for two reasons – sharing a bit about myself … and trawling through loads of old pictures of myself and my family!

Perhaps it is superfluous of me to say, but I was early on the digital photography thing, and as a result one good thing is having loads of digital photos reaching back through the years. Of course, the downside is that I’ve also had perhaps a couple dozen different Mac & PC computers since our first digital camera, meaning different software, storage systems, and so on.

This makes it fun to look through the past couple of decades – but also makes me realize how much we’ve lost from when WE were kids … but perhaps there is also a cost of spending time capturing rather than experiencing? That is a discussion for another day!

When Danny was just 8 months old we took him to Cape Cod and stayed in Brewster – and amazingly it was on this vacation at the Captain’s Table in Chatham we found out we were pregnant with Chris. We’d had so many years of disappointments and false alarms and painful miscarriages along our path to parenthood that it was hard to believe and accept – but also tremendously exciting!

In 1999 we headed back to the Cape again – and again going in mid-June to get better pricing and avoid the summer rush. We were heading out on the Ferry, and got someone to grab a family picture.

The boys are so totally adorable in this picture – hats crooked from the wind, all bundled and snuggled up (that was NOT a particularly warm summery vacation!). Chris had his awesome light fluffy blonde hair that was just magical, and Lisa was holding his blanket that he loved.

Cape Cod remains just about my favorite place to go in the summer … we were there in 2012, and I would love to get back again soon.

Happy Thursday!

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