5-Mile ‘Run With Purpose’ and The ‘Waking Up is Hard to Do’ Experiment

Running Look Like

One of the goals I had for this winter was to run one ‘Run with Purpose’ each week. Well, I decided to make TODAY that run! I got up and did my normal routine, then got myself ready.

‘Run with Purpose’

What I decided was that I would do some floor exercises (crunches, bodyweight stuff, etc) and then head out on my 5.25 mile course which has a great mostly-flat mile in the middle to do some speedwork.

Seemed like a good idea, and after 10 minutes on the floor I was out the door! It was 39 and rainy, so I was able to use my mid-weight stuff and light gloves. Rain wasn’t too heavy, and I was on my way!

The last few days with the cold windchills I have started putting my Garmin on the front window to sync while I put on my reflective stuff and final layers. So I put it there this morning … and about a quarter mile down the road realized I’d forgot to grab it! Oh well – I guess I was also ‘running by feel’ today!

My plan was to warm up for a mile, then run ‘marathon pace’ for a mile, then take that flat section with alternating very fast and slow paced segments, then back to marathon pace, then cool down, and finally close out with some fast paced form work for the final half-mile.

Guess what – it worked!

It was a great morning for a run, really … and I felt very well rested. I had to hold myself back at first, then ran great through my pacing section, and was ready with a burst of speed when I hit the Royal Crest development area. Ran for about 0.4mi, then slow through most of the hilly section, then burst out for the rest of the development back to teh main road – and struggled as my pace fell off at the end.

The rest of the run was fun and relaxed – and I’ve wanted to work on lifting my legs higher because I think my minimal form hurts me in hilly area because I just don’t work the full range of motion. So I’m sure I looked silly … but it was fun and I really felt it all!

‘Waking Up is Hard to Do’

One thing about having a paper route since I was old enough (11 when I was a kid) was that it meant getting up before the rest of the house to head out on my route before school. Sure there were times I overslept or needed help getting up, but especially after I took over the Boston Globe delivery from my brother I had a large route and needed to get up early. Fortunately that was never a problem for me – I’ve always been a quick early riser, which is how I get up without an issue at 4AM now.

In our house I have generally woken up the boys after coming back from my run or just when getting up for work – and it flows fairly well since we all leave around the same time. Well, less so when I was traveling so much earlier this year for work and Lisa was stucking waking up early whether or not she actually needed to.

But as the boys are a sophomore and junior in high school, we felt it was time for them to get up on their own. We’d talked about it with them before, and it never really went anywhere. So this week we dropped a mandate – set your alarm and get up on your own.

So how has it gone so far?


Yeah, pretty much like that! 🙂 It has only been a few days, but today was the first day I didn’t wake both of the boys after my run. Chris was waking up just as I was drinking water after returning from my run, and Dan … well, he was still asleep, as he has yet to master the art of snoozing the alarm.

Well … we have some work to do. But again, this was just the start!

Weekly Running Summary

I’ve said that I’m really not into ‘running summaries’, but one of the reasons I had thought about the boys getting themselves up was that I limit my runs during the school year due to the need to be back to get the kids up so they have enough time to get ready. Lisa, always being direct and pragmatic, say ‘that is ridiculous … they need to set the alarm’.

Sunday (53F) – 12 miles
Monday (54F) – 6 miles
Tuesday (35F) – Rest
Wednesday (17F) – 9.5 miles
Thursday (18F, windy) – 7.5 miles
Friday (40F, rainy) – 5.25 miles, speed work and floor workout.

Not too bad of a week, though my latest return home was yesterday, when I got home right at 6AM to get the kids going (normally wake them around 5:45).

How has your workout schedule been? Any impact from the weather?

2 thoughts on “5-Mile ‘Run With Purpose’ and The ‘Waking Up is Hard to Do’ Experiment

  1. Yea I’ve been hiding out inside! 🙂 I used to have a paper route…but I think my dad had to take it over, I was not and still am not a morning person, although I think I am getting better as I get older. And recall when my parents stopped waking us up for school…it was pretty great until I got detention for being late too many times!

  2. That’s funny – I don’t know how far we would go in that direction, but we’ve been lucky schedule-wise that one of us is always there to get them up.

    I didn’t know that kids could still get paper routes anymore – it wasn’t available in Massachusetts or out here in NY anymore.

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