No One Told Me it Was ‘Be Polite Day’?!?

Polite Day Runs1

After mentioning last week about safety on runs, almost getting taken out by someone who accelerated into a turn at a stop sign, and often lamenting guys in pickup trucks who try to push me off the road … today was the most polite running experience I can remember. I went out earlier than I normally do on the weekends, and did the same 12 mile route I did last Sunday.

But the thing that surprised me? People were unbelievably polite.

It started in our neighborhood, as someone coming around a corner used their directional to let me know they were staying on the road and not veering to the right (a common option) – that let me just keep running. And as I ran, numerous people waved me on. I got to the four-way stop sign a couple of miles in and had no issues, in fact one car waved me in front of them.

Even at the side-street where I had the issue last week a car was coming down the street – but they were going slowly and stopped well before the end of the street so I could pass. On the loop road near the mall where I normally have to carefully navigate the edge of the road due to traffic people were very courteous. A number of people waved at me … it just made the run go by quickly.

I don’t know what was up … but I definitely liked it!

I also over-dressed a bit. When I was getting ready it was 32, cloudy and a bit windy. So I had my tech sweatshirt over a base layer, running tights, and heavy hat & gloves. But by the time I headed out the wind had calmed and the sun was out (but still just 34) … so when the wind was blocked I was sweating pretty well and definitely could have used the lighter gloves and hat.

Am I getting comfortable with my body?

Year ago I would never have worn running tights under any circumstances … and even early this year I would only wear them in the dark mornings. It took me a while to feel comfortable enough to actually wear them when there was any chance of being seen.

Polite Day Runs2

But now I don’t even think about it … today was ‘tights weather’, so that is what I wore. In fact, I wouldn’t have even thought about it had I not been running past a popular side-road with a car coming in the opposite direction – and I was looking at the driver to see if they planned to turn. And I noted that they were looking at me … but they never met my eyes. I couldn’t decide whether to be flattered or offended … oh, who am I kidding, I was totally flattered!

And I don’t mean that as an offense to anyone (women in particular) who cannot go out for a run without getting ogled or otherwise harassed, quite the opposite. But as someone who has carried the specter of obesity my entire life and pretty much always chosen loose-fitting clothes, the thought of actually feeling somewhat satisfied with my body is kind of a big deal for me.

I Discovered Another Winter Running Goal

I already wrote about my goals for the winter, but today I discovered another one. After just over 9 miles I came back to the Royal Crest neighborhood near our street, which is where I did sped work yesterday. I decided to work my pace again today … and it felt great. I actually did that mile at a 7:43 pace according to my Garmin, which is great for me.

It was as I was back on Sing Sing Road heading towards Broad Street that I realized how good I felt and that I could just keep running rather than heading home after 12 miles (well, aside from the darn second cup of coffee!). It made me think that with my pace and mileage I really have another goal:

Maintain ‘hey, wanna run a half-marathon this weekend?’ readiness with full expectation of a good outcome.

At this point we’ve had a few snow squalls and gotten a nice dusting on the ground – so I wanted to close with this fun picture of Chris out in full Doctor Who garb to enjoy the blustery snowfall! Doctor Who, you ask? Don’t you know today is the ‘Day of the Doctor’, the long anticipated 50th Anniversary special? Where 10 and 11 meet? Well, check out BBC America – Chris and his friends are having a party to watch it together.

Chris Snow Squall1


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