T-Rex Runner Launches Ramblen, Resource for Traveling Runners


You know how when a friend does something you are proud and want to help promote it? Well, that extends online to people you’ve never met but know through interaction. Danielle the T-Rex Runner’s site was one of the first personal ‘running blogs’ I really started following last year when I started getting serious about running. Of course, anyone who has visited her site knows there is not much she doesn’t use a path to humor, but there is plenty she takes seriously.

Earlier this year she left her job to launch a new business, but couldn’t say what until it launched. Well, now that time has arrived, and she revealed in a post this week that the new venture is called Ramblen. Here is the description:

Ramblen is a digital media and mobile platform that will allow health and fitness-focused individuals to maintain their workout routine and healthy lifestyle while traveling in an unfamiliar city. It will offer recommendations and mobile curation of information on running trails, lap pools, gyms, fitness classes, cycling routes, group fitness classes, health and fitness merchants and healthy restaurants.

I look at it this way:

When I went to San Diego (Coronado) in May, I spent a fair amount of time looking into running routes – and STILL had some issues I had to work around. Similarly, I spent a load of time figuring out how to get the most out of all of those weeks I spend in Kentucky in terms of food and running.

Had Ramblen been around I would have learned more about navigating the Silver Strand with one-side closed for renovation of some beach areas, and the other occasionally shared with bikers. And in Kentucky I would have learned about the impact of the different hotels and areas on availability of running routes – and perhaps even that some hotels have access to the regional wellness center for an extremely discounted rate.

I checked out the Boston area on the site, and they had some cool info for trail runners on the Blue Hills. Having grown up just a few miles down the road from that area, I knew it well and appreciated what they had to say.

For folks who have to travel and want to be able to find quality workout areas and healthy food options, Ramblen looks like a site to watch. And I don’t just say that because the T-Rex Runner site is often hilarious and one of my favorites.

You can also follow Ramblen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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