Making Healthy Changes a Daily Habit with Elf for Health

Elf for Health

At this time of year we all tend to be a study in contrasts – trying to simplify, but simultaneously scrambling to create new traditions; trying to be nicer but bristling at everone else; telling ourselves we won’t overstress but finding ourselves awake worrying about everything. And mixed in there is the realization for many of us that we somehow lost track of the year and never ptu any of our health/charity/exercise plans in place.

So I was intrigued when I came across an image linking back to a couple of sites touting something called ‘Elf for Health’. You can read all about it on that site, there are official rules and sign-ups and so on.

And while I didn’t actively participate, I think the idea is awesome – each day, take on of those ‘New Years Resolution’ items and do it.

And while you do that one, see if you can’t add in a second one. Maybe up your water intake on the same day as doing a healthy snack or some you-time. Perhaps with enough effort one or two of these things will become a habit, a change for the better you’ve been hoping to make happen for a while.

Some of the items on the list are interesting to me because of my age – make a phone call, hand-written note, unsubscribe. When we were kids making a phone call was the way to communicate with someone out of walking / talking range. Writing letters by hand? Same thing. I remember having fun with JT before he transferred to RPI by sending a 5.25 Apple floppy disk back and forth, because it would contain letters, but also programs, images, files, and whatever other nonsense we could cram on there!

Yes, before email … we physically mailed a disc back and forth.

But the point is that for many, the period between Thanksgiving and New Years is ‘written off’. There is an assumption of eating too much, drinking too much, eating the wrong things, smothered in gravy, and leaving the veggies behind because there isn’t room on the plate. And in recent years I have heard people start to talk about this ‘write off period’ creeping back to Halloween.

So if by trying something every day we can help keep our control over our lives, that is nothing but positive. Because life is a series of choices we make each day – they will never all be the correct ones or even the same ones we would make if we could go back again … but as adults they are all ours to make, so if we don’t like the results we see, we need to make some different choices.

Have you thought about trying something different in terms of diet, exercise or other areas this holiday season?

3 thoughts on “Making Healthy Changes a Daily Habit with Elf for Health

  1. My training for Around the Bay starts December 15th and ‘ll be running farther in the first week than I have ever run before … does that count as trying something new? πŸ™‚

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