No Excuses to NOT Get Your Veggies on Thanksgiving – Here’s Why!

Fresh vs Frozen

Frozen Veggies are Second Best to a Farmer’s Market / Farm Stand

Anyone who has grown their own produce or bought some from a local farmer knows that there is a difference in flavor and often texture from what you buy at your local big-chain supermarket. And here is something else – there is a HUGE difference in the nutritional content.

How big? Big enough that frozen veggies are often a better choice than stuff you get from the produce department!

According to recent research:

frozen items often have higher levels of nutrients than fresh produce because the whole farm-to-grocery store trek is a huge detriment to the fresh stuff [1] [2]. From the time a carrot is plucked from the ground to the very moment it reaches your dinner table, it may have lost roughly half of its original nutrient content.

So while cut up frozen vegetables might not look as great as the fresh bundles you can get in the produce department, they are often better for you! And the further away they are grown, the more time they have spent in transit – the less ripe they were when picked, and the more nutrients they have lost!

At Thanksgiving this year as with any time, if you can get fresh vegetables then DO IT! But if not, don’t use that as an excuse to avoid having a portion of your plate filled with vegetables – buy frozen!


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