Throwback Thursday – A Kitchen Full of Cool Seniors

Senior Year with Friends

While looking for other pictures I came across this one and simply had to share. It is a party at my house in 1984 and a bunch of friends were over (note the Pepsi bottles). There are a few other notable things:

– You can see the clear early 80s style in the kitchen – dark cabinets, pumkin orange curtains and the floral wallpaper (OK, maybe THAT is more late-70s!).

– The people in the picture represent friends from most of the main areas in my life – academics/school, Equinox, video games, and jazz band. From left to right: Doug Meadows, me, Paul Masalsky, Mitch Dmohowski, and Paul Bunson. Let’s just say that I can see all of the personalities represented by the poses in the picture!

– I have no idea about the button, but I had forgotten that Doug had bleached that tail of his hair.

– You can tell we are geared up for college, as I am wearing my RPI sweatshirt and Paul is wearing a Penn shirt.

– Both Pauls are wearing their high school letter jackets – which makes me think of how even the THOUGHT of running was still nearly 5 years away.

It is interesting for me to see myself at that weight, which is just slightly more than I weighed at my birthday in early April of 2012. I carried the weight a bit differently back then – and I was on the climb towards REALLY being big!

As I have been looking back through digital and physical pictures recently, I have also been reminded of how few pictures we have from back when film and processing were expensive and inconvenient (remember lugging 8-9 rolls of film for a week long family vacation?) compared to the digital era – particular now with good-enough cell phone imaging.

To me there are upsides and downsides to that, but it also serves to make moments in time captured like this one even more special.

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