A 12.5mi ‘Run With Purpose’, Weekly Summary, and Saucony Milestone

Saucony at 10001

Today I had planned … well, honestly I really hadn’t decided what I was going to do before I left for my run! I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING – because this week is supposed to be fairly cold, and the same temperature always feels colder at 4:30AM than later in the day when the sun is out. So I had to decide whether to do hills or pace work.

I chose pace work, on the airport loop. I really love that course for several reasons, partly because it is very flexible in location but mostly because it is a great self-contained course.

Weekly Summary
OK, I knew I had said I didn’t plan to do this, but for the most part I never talk about my runs unless they mean something … so I thought it would make sense
This week has been busy, and I decided to an extra rest day, but also got up in time to do a bit of exercise before waking up the kids. Just basic floor-stuff for abs, etc, and some burpees as well. Nothing major – but better than nothing.

Sunday – 14.5 miles
Monday – Bodyweight & floor exercises
Tuesday – 7.5 mile ‘general run’ – the Polar GPS sums up your workout, and this one was called ‘steady state’.
Wednesday – Bodyweight & floor exercises
Thursday – 8.5 miles ‘general run’
Friday – 7.5 miles ‘tempo / interval’ I had intended to do some mixed in speed work, and it was a great run
Saturday – 6.75 ‘runnis interruptis’ – it was late by the time all of my errands were done, and I bumped up against the time I needed to go pick up Chris (he was doing another DJ gig at Macy’s for the day. He texted me and I had to cut short and head home to shower and get him.

Saucony Milestone
The shot at the top is from when I got back from my run today. I was thinking that I have been referring to the mileage on my Saucony Kinvara 4s as ‘800’ for about a month, so I decided to do some checking. And looking over all of my records (which honestly are harder to track with multiple GPS watches and several ‘no GPS’ days … it is clear that within the last week the Sauconys have passed 1000 miles!

I have been fairly hard on them in my opinion – I tell people they are not as long-lasting for me as the Nikes, but overall the condition isn’t terrible at this point. I noticed wear-through starting at just a couple of hundred miles, and the sole also seemed to flatten out considerably. But then something happened – the shoes just stayed the same! I was really surprised to look today and see that they are not much different than a month or two months ago.

But on both sides of the toe-box there are holes forming, meaning that these are not likely to be lasting as long as the Nike Frees, which I have had up past 1500 miles.

Great Treats and Recipes

I posted to Instagram about the Peppermint Cookie Truffles I made, and they were pretty awesome. I got the recipe from the Lovalatte blog (and also won a coffee giveaway!), and they were easy to make as well.

Peppermint Cookie Truffles

Now don’t tell the family, but I have a slate of vegetarian and vegan recipes slated for the week. Tonight it is vegetarian lasagna, and there are acorn squash, eggplant, and spaghetti squash recipes lined up for the week! Depending on whether we have happy tummies or open revolt, you will know how it went by next weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “A 12.5mi ‘Run With Purpose’, Weekly Summary, and Saucony Milestone

  1. Mike you are doing great with your week and I am pretty darn jealous of the wear patterns on your running shoes. Looking at the bottoms, it looks as though you have a perfect stride! The wear is sooooo darn even, I am happy when I can get 300-400 miles out of a pair of running shoes before my knees start telling it is time for a new pair of running shoes or the wear points tell me the shoe doesn’t work for me.

    The truffle look great


    • Thanks! I think this is yet another one of those ‘what works for me …’ things. One big thing for me this year was the real certainty that I have no goal for running that supersedes being able to get up tomorrow and go out for a great run. No pace, no race, no nothing. And so long as my shoe life doesn’t get in the way of how I feel, I will stick with them.

      • I believe you are very right in that belief and am heading in that direction as well, you have helped me along that journey and it is where I need to be with my running as well.

  2. That is amazing that you can wear your running shoes for that many miles! I would save a whole lot of $ if my shoes lasted that long. Usually rights around 400 miles (for my pureflows) I can tell that they need to be replaced. Nice training week!

    • I am probably running well past their life, but since it doesn’t bother me I take the cheap route! πŸ™‚ I have friends in the area who can really feel it in their legs and know when they need to switch. I can tell that these are getting close, but I’ll squeeze everything out of them that I can!

  3. I’m realizing it’s time for me to get new running shoes too – which is a bummer because I’m poor! I don’t track miles on specific shoes because I usually rotate them and where different ones inside vs outside. Great runs last week!

    • Haha, totally understand Laura. For years I refused to spend more than $50 on a pair of running shoes and would wear them until it was just beyond ridiculous to keep wearing them! I just hope the reality of having to replace shoes at a ‘normal’ interval doesn’t come to me any time soon!

    • Thanks! Running distances seems to be something I can do. Speed? Not so much πŸ™‚

      The truffles really tasted good, my younger son managed two after dinner last night (vegetarian lasagna) … not sure how he did it.

  4. Would love some of your recipes! Especially for the veggie lasagna! I am trying to “trick” my husband into eating more veggies – I mean that in the most loving way possible! πŸ™‚

  5. I can usually get 500-700km out of my shoes before my knees start getting cranky, I can’t believe you got 1000 miles out of yours without complaint.

    Yes, please post the lasagna recipe, I’m always looking for a meatless alternative for meals. A few years ago I made a meatless chili using chickpeas to replace the ground beef and my Big’s had no idea it was meatless!

    β€˜runnis interruptis’ had me laughing out loud. It may just be my newest running phrase!

    • Yeah, I took my old Nike Free’s out this morning … and could clearly feel the difference, so I know the Saucony’s aren’t QUITE dead yet.

      And I love using chickpeas in pretty much everything!

      Glad to bring a chuckle with the phrase! Having teens and running on the weekends seems to lend itself to ‘oops, Dad I forgot …’ texts πŸ™‚

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