A Quick Look Back at My Year in Running

Red Baron High Five1

I had been planning a ‘year in review’ post, and will hit on certain aspects of the year over the next few weeks, but today Amanda at Miss Zippy challenged everyone to do a quick ‘how was your year in running’ post … so hear it goes!

Before I answer her questions, I look at the year in a few ways:
– I started the year and ended the year healthy and without injury.
– I ran more miles this year than any other year … in fact, based on my running course and schedule, I ran more this year than in the first 4 years we lived in New York combined!
– I set new PRs for my marathon and half-marathon time, but didn’t hit my goals for times.
– My work travel schedule was pretty awful in the early part of the year -it started out Sunday afternoon – Friday night, and fortunately by the summer it moderated to Monday morning – Wednesday afternoon. As a result I minimized things like road races or anything else that would take MORE time away from the family. That meant no 5ks, no 10ks, and no Ultras.
– I used 4 different shoe types this year: New Balance Minimus MT10, Nike Free Run 3+, Merrell Vapor Glove and Saucony Kinvara 4.

Best race experience? I would have to say the Red Baron Half Marathon. I managed a PR by more than a minute, but more importantly I ran a comfortable pace the entire time and kept relaxed and easy – and was able to get up the next day and go out for a normal run. My biggest struggle had been letting my pace get out of control, so this was a huge victory for me.

Best run? While the time in September that I KILLED IT on my ‘double hill’ run with 1400 ft incline over a short distance, I would have to give ‘best run’ to running the Silver Strand on Coronado off San Diego. It was March, which is still cold and snow weather in western New York – so running in ~60F temperatures was just a dream. And the view and the beach and … yeah. Here is a picture (I stayed at the Hotel Del Coronada, the red-roofed buldings in the distance):

Running Silver Strand 1

Best new piece of gear? I’m going with running tights, because my first GPS watch was my ‘paradigm shift’ for 2012. Running tights I got for Christmas last year, and not only did they do an amazing job of being warm and incredibly comfortable, they also forced me out of my comfort zone in terms of appearing in public WEARING running tights.

Best piece of running advice you received? It was a question: ‘where do you see yourself as a runner in 5, 10 and 20 years.’ My answer is that 20 years from now I would still like to be getting up to run every morning, doing half- and full-marathons, and just loving running. That advice put all of my other goals in perspective.

Most inspirational runner? My brother John. And this is for two reasons: when he ran the Wineglass Marathon in 2011 he challenged me to join him in 2012, and when he came for Easter in 2012 I was at my 2nd heaviest ever and had barely started back running. His Garmin told me the harsh reality of pace and distance … and was a boot in my butt!

The second reason is that he very nearly died this April, and is slowly recovering. When we went to visit him in July this year he and I got to go out for a quick run, and it meant the world.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Nothing about running matters more to me than getting up tomorrow for my 5+ mile run.

How was YOUR year in running?

5 thoughts on “A Quick Look Back at My Year in Running

  1. I really liked your answers! Great perspective on running. You did have a great year from the sounds of it. Best of luck for another one in 2014 with the added bonus of a healthy brother to join you on more!

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