Seasonal Saturday – A Place for Everyone on our Mantle

Saturday Seasonal1

The subject of Christmas Stockings came up on a couple of different blogs I follow, and I also saw discussion about ‘what happens to the pets’ when you have kids on a blog and a forum. In terms of stockings, some see them as decorations while for others they are purely functional and not hung if they won’t be used due to holiday travel plans.

In terms of pets, the thought on one forum sprung up with someone getting annoyed at the term ‘fur babies’, saying that their attitude would change when they had a REAL baby. I have a draft rant about the crap that parents need to stop saying to those without children … and suffice to say this is one of them.

The picture of our mantle shows how I feel about all of this stuff. All of the loved ones who will be here for Christmas are included.

We have Lisa and myself, and Danny and Chris. We have our two norfolk terriers Rosie and Riley (half-siblings through the same breeder back in Massachusetts), our 13 year old cat Leo (who has used up about 47 lives and been cancerous for more than two … but still hunts everything!), and our adopted orphan cat Dolly. My brother John and his daughter Marisa are coming to visit, so they are there as well! They are bringing their gods Ginger and Lia, but will have gifts with them for those two.

I will never understand why there is such a need to create distinctions and separation – for us our family includes all of our loved ones whether or not they are furry. So on Christmas we will have a house full of love, and a bunch of crazy dogs chasing each other around while the cats take refuge and hope things clear out soon.

What do you do with your stockings? Do you give your pets gifts?

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Saturday – A Place for Everyone on our Mantle

  1. I’m indifferent to the term “fur-babies” however our three dogs are as much a part of our family as they ever were … even before kids. We have stockings for the boys and usually fill them with little items they find useful and fun (deodorant and a Bacon Yatzee game for the Big’s and Angry Birds for Little). We’ve never had stocking for the girls (dogs) but there is always gifts wrapped for the them and put under the tree. Little loves shopping for the dogs and always finds the neatest toys and treats for them.

  2. Growing up, we always had a stocking for our dogs… I still have my golden retriever’s (whom I gave my parents my life savings of $70 to get when I was 9) stocking. I don’t hang it up, because that might be a lil weird seeing as how he is no longer around, but if I get another dog, I definitely will whip it back out! 🙂

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