Christmas Baking Day 2013!

Baking Day 01

So I took Sunday off from running because Lisa was off, and we would all be home and able to do our annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day! This year was special because … well, frankly because it is the first time in a few years that the kids had expressed an interest!

Danny had extra homework to do, so Lisa, Chris and I started off making dough – the picture above is the two head chefs with the first batch of dough in the Kitchen Aid.

Baking Day 03

Peppermint Pinwheels are made with half sugar cookie dough and half peppermint-flavored and red-food colored sugar cookie dough … and the best way is to just get in there – with the result that by the end you look like a murderer!

Baking Day 02

The dough doesn’t look too happy about the situation either!

Baking Day Wash1

With Lisa and Chris at the helm, most of my day was spent hunched over the sink replenishing supplies of measuring cups and spoons and washing the mixing bowls. Definitely not complaining – the three of us were having a blast working together, listening to Christmas songs and singing, dancing and laughing!

Baking Day 05

Lisa used a new technique for rolling the peppermint pinwheel dough involving a Silpat, and as a result the logs were bigger and much more uniform. The results definitely translated into the cookies!

Baking Day 06

Fortunately Danny finished his homework and was able to join us, and after baking everything else we got into forming the gingerbread!

Baking Day 07

We made our train, some large molded cookies, then a bunch of fun shapes using cookie cutters. Danny shows us one of his cats!

Baking Day 08

Lisa fits dough into the heart mold while Chris uses the Jammie Dodger cutters.

Baking Day 09

Ready for another inspired creation!

Baking Day 10

Decorating the gingerbread train – Danny was in charge of the icing to hold everything in place!

The gingerbread train is special because it is a tradition we started with the boys when they were little and kept going for years, but as they lost interest we stopped doing it a few years back. Having them engaged again made for such a wonderful day.

Baking Day 11

The final product – train around the back, then the four of us around a ‘blue ice’ fire, with Chris having a wheeling angel at his back, two dogs, two cats, and loads of other fun stuff.

Baking Day 12

And what better way to wind down the day than with a nice glass of wine and a great gingerbread cookie?

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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