Double Surprise – Run in Shorts with New Balance Minimus 10v2

Warm Morning Run 12-136

This morning I woke up at my normal time … which would have been great except that it is Saturday! I pretended I could go back to sleep for a bit, then gave up and got up and decided I would get in my run early. My expectation was that it would be about 35F outside since we were headed for 50F today, so I dressed in a base layer and tights. I came downstairs, took care of the dogs, cats, fish, dishwasher, coffee, etc … normal morning stuff.

Then I noticed it was 51F! O M G !!!

Warm Morning Run 12-135

So naturally I had to change. When the dogs were ready to head back to bed with Lisa, I grabbed my compression shorts and my Wineglass long-sleeve tech shirt. Since there was still snow on the ground and I could see the branches swaying in the breeze I decided for my light gloves. As has become habit, I strapped on my heart rate monitor and used the Magellan Echo with the Wahoo app on my phone.

On my feet? Interesting you should ask!

Last night I got a couple of things from UPS – I got the Vitalicious Sampler pack I’d won from Peace, Love & Ice Cream, and also a ‘Secret Santa’ gift – the New Balance Minimus 10v2 running shoes!

Warm Morning Run 12-134

I had mentioned that I loved the feel of the Minimus, but the back tore up my heel the first time I tried to run without socks, and also over time with socks. I ended up handing them off to Chris after a few hundred miles. The 10v2 revision was supposed to help with the (apparently common) heel issue, as well as making the shoes lighter, more flexible and some other stuff. These are also 4mm drop shoes similar to the Nike or Saucony.

They were immediately comfortable, and I noticed two things:
– There was much less ‘cushion’ than the Saucony Kinvara or Nike Free
– The heel issue felt MUCH better

Because I am an idiot, I decided to wear them even knowing I was going for a longish run. I did take a picture, knowing that because of the color these would look nasty really fast! As I headed out the door, it was just incredible having 50 degrees all around, so I wanted to enjoy it.

I did the extended loop that carries me through the ‘safe in dark’ area around my house – it was my long daily run when the kids were on vacation in the summer, and is a 10.25 mile distance.

The roads were very empty – even with dawdling and trying to go back to sleep I was out before 5AM – but with all of the cold and snow this week followed by the warm weather and some scattered rain, the biggest hazards were all of the salt, dirt, and puddles I encountered.

One thing on minimal shoes – the reason they are so light is there is very little to them – they ‘breathe’ well … and also let moisture back in. So at the end things were a bit messy!

Warm Morning Run 12-137

It was a fantastic run, and I got back, rehydrated and took my showed and hopped back into bed with Lisa and the dogs for a little while before she had to get up. This next few days is going to be crazy getting everything ready, so I was thrilled to get my run done early so I can focus on everything else.

I hope everyone has a great weekend – what are your plans?

4 thoughts on “Double Surprise – Run in Shorts with New Balance Minimus 10v2

  1. Gotta love it when a pair of new shoes work so well for you. I am jealous of the 50’s, we are working on 30’s and light rain and expecting an ice storm tonight/tomorrow (around an inch of ice – yech). Today is my day off after my long run and I have a sneaking suspicion about having an extra day off tomorrow. Which is okay, because I am over 40 for the week, which is where I want to be.

    Getting up and getting the run done early is nice especially when there are so many other plans for the day this time of year.

    Rest, relaxation and some NWN2 is on the horizon tonight 🙂

    • I hope that the New Balance hold up for a while – they seem really nice, but who knows. It (almost) always takes a few runs.

      Yeah, I know it is colder up that way – I have a friend who was headed up way north in NY and it is much colder there!

      I love NWN2 – have you played the ‘Mysteries of Westgate’ expansion? Ossian Studios made that, and they just released an iPad game ‘The Shadow Sun’ that is really cool as well. I also loved their ‘Darkness over Daggerford’ module for the original NWN.

    • I don’t run much without socks, but it is part of the whole ‘minimal’ thing – and I know many people do. These types of shoes are SUPPOSED to be able to be used without socks. The really ultra-minimal ones like the Merrell Vapor Gloves feel weird with socks on! Most of my shoes are more traditional.

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