9.75 mile Hill/Speed Mix and 5 Things I Want to Do Over the Break

Super Warm December Run

Because … how could I NOT choose a day like today to have my ‘run with purpose’?!?

Fortunately, even though I was awake before 5AM again today, I went back to sleep – and the dogs didn’t seem to mind sleeping in, which was an added bonus. So after Lisa headed out to work I got myself ready and headed out for my run. It was really windy, which concerned me that the wind might be cooler than the air temperature … but it wasn’t.

I was thrilled to be able to go out in a light shirt and shorts, but looking at the picture made me also think about how my gear has changed since the last time I could really run in shorts. Now I have the New Balance shoes, and have my phone in my belt used as a GPS with the Magellan Echo on my wrist as a monitor, and also wearing a heart rate monitor strapped around my chest. I have come to enjoy using heart rate as a monitor of ‘effort’ – which is a good reminder when it is sub-zero and I am layered up and feel like I am really pushing it and my pace is … well, not great.

I ended up doing what I call ‘speedy double hill and home’ – I have that great double hill course I have used for hill work (well, it IS a 1400ft incline) as well as working on pace, but when I do it ‘for real’ it ends up at a minimum of 12 miles, and more often over 14. So I took a few shortcuts to get home quicker. Also, I wanted a ‘purpose’ – and while the hills were purpose enough, once I started running I knew I wanted to GO! So that is what I did – I pushed the pace the whole time, even though about 75% of the run had the wind pushing me around. So by the time I hit the top of the big hill I was really hating it … but in a good way.

It was an awesome run! Tomorrow will be 20 degrees cooler, and another 20 the following day, and it is supposed to be about 10F by the time we are standing out for Arctic League on Christmas morning.

Five Things I Want to do over Christmas Break
And I have been seeing a few great posts about things people want to do before they have to go back to reality (work/school/etc), so here are five things I want to accomplish:

1. Spend time with family – my family is my Number 1 priority no matter what, and so while Lisa is off on Christmas and the 27th I want to dedicate every moment to enjoying time with her. My boys are off, and while they each have loads of homework, I want to get some quality non-tech time with them. And my brother will be here for just a couple of days, so I am hoping to maximize that time!

2. Stuff around the house – there are a bunch of little things that need to be taken care of. Some are really leftovers from half-assed things the builders did – including one that ended up with some water getting in through a port and staining the dining room ceiling. So I want to spend some time and deal with this stuff while I am home.

3. Music – Chris and I already have a pact to work on our music – him on regular piano for classical pieces, me on guitar and keyboards honing my skills and working on compositions.

4. Catching up – I have been reading ‘Burial Rights’ for a month, and want to get into it because I really like it so far. I also have over a dozen jazz CDs for review, 4 computer games and on and on. I really need to catch up on sleep as well. That is why it is all about catching up.

5. Minimize tech time – I will be on the internet daily, but I don’t want to have it dominate my life. One thing I love about the iPad is that it is more of a single-task machine, so when I am on it I am not constantly jumping from thing to thing like I do on my laptop.

What about RUNNING? Well, of COURSE I’ll be running, and my plan is pretty much every day except for Christmas and the 27th when Lisa is off. My goals depend on the weather and whatever else is going on, but I see it as pretty much any other week. That is why it didn’t get its own number.

I hope everyone who gets one has a great break, and if you don’t (i.e. retail) I hope things calm down after the first of the year for you.

6 thoughts on “9.75 mile Hill/Speed Mix and 5 Things I Want to Do Over the Break

  1. I have still been running indoors and just can’t bring myself to head outside and run in the cold.. Hopefully we’ll have a day when its in the 50’s or above at some point here..

    I am planning on using the time off of work to catch up on a few projects around the house.. We’ll see how that goes!

  2. I hope you get to do all of those things! Even though we try to split up things in a non-gender-specific way (e.g. Kevin does all the dusting and vacuuming, I take out the trash), “little things around the house” are just NOT my strong suit – I’m not handy, and I hate things like that! So I’m lucky that Kevin does all of it :). Aside from that, everything else you have planned sounds great!

    • Yeah, I am not exactly ‘Mr Fix It’ myself, and it isn’t something I have a passion for … but we learned a lot in our old house so now I can actually do a few things. πŸ™‚

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