Recipe Sharing – Peppermintini


Yesterday when Lisa was heading back to work she said ‘when I come home I’ll be ready for a festive drink while we finish our wrapping … surprise me’! So that was the challenge … I wanted to find something that was different, but also that she would like. Most vodka-based drinks were either (a) WAY too sweet, (b) required too many one-off ingredients that would have cost too much or (c) were basically a Cosmopolitan with cranberries and/or orange. But what I DID find … was the Peppermintini. With an incredibly festive looking glass, and a simple recipe that only required one addition from the liquor store, I was sold!

There have already been a number of requests for the recipe based on pictures we posted last night, so I thought I would share!

Here are the ingredients:

– 4 peppermint candy canes
– 3 tbsps sugar
– 2 tbsps water
– 4 ozs white chocolate liqueur (I got the Godiva), chilled
– 2 ozs vodka (recipe called for vanilla … I used regular)
– 2 ozs half and half
– 1/4 tsp pure peppermint extract
– Couple of drops vanilla extract if you use regular vodka

How you make it:

Rim the glass:
– Crush the candy canes (I used a meat hammer and a sandwich bag) and put them in another shallow bowl.
– Combine the sugar and water in a flat, shallow dish and insert the martini glass to wet the upper 1/4″.
– Dip the wetted glass rim into the crushed candy canes and coat until you like the look.

Making the drink:
– Fill cocktail shaker about half-way with ice.
– Add white chocolate liqueur, half & half, vodka, vanilla extract and peppermint extract.
– Shake to mix and chill the mixture is cold (we keep vodka in freezer so it chills quickly)
– Strain into martini glass.

Add half a candy cane over the side of the glass and serve!

Enjoy – and let me know if you try it … and also if you have your own favorite Christmas-themed drinks!


3 thoughts on “Recipe Sharing – Peppermintini

  1. Oh my goodness I wish I had one of these right now. I am going to the store for all the fixings of this tonight! It will be a perfect Christmas Eve drink while I’m trying to put together toys for Christmas morning. 🙂

    • The Peppermintini was definitely a hit – and Lisa reported back from friends who enjoyed it as well! I remember too well putting together toys for Christmas! (now the kids’ gifts cost more and come in tiny boxes!)

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