Merry Christmas and Back to Winter!

Christmas Eve Run1

The temperature trend has been crazy – 30, then 50, then 65, then 40, today it was 20 and tomorrow morning it is supposed to be close to 0F as we deliver gifts for the Arctic League charity, then return to more normal temperatures! But throughout it all I will be out running!

I had my son grab a picture of me in my 20F running garb just as a contrast to my shorts and t-shirt run! Here is what I am wearing:
– Nike tech base layer
– Nike light thermal tights
– New Balance Minimus v2 (still loving these!)
– Magellan heart rate monitor (outside because it has chafed me badly, but that is for another day)
– Magellan Echo watch
– Running belt (holds my phone, also keys and fuel when needed)
– Under Armour Coldgear Infrared gloves (read more about these next week).

If it was my normal 4AM run I might have added another top layer because of the arctic wind, but since the sun was out I stuck with the base layer. The cool thing is that while not keeping you ‘warm’, these tech clothes make sure you don’t get cold.

I had posted on Instagram about baking a cookie cake with a thick chocolate layer on top … because, why not?!? Anyway, we had some after dinner last night, and it was every bit as good and decadent as it sounds! The food I am making for tonight – Polish staples – will be ‘healthy variants’, but since Polish food in general is more in the ‘hearty’ category, there is only so much I can do. Portion control will be the key!

Chocolate Chip Bar with Chocolate Layer1

Today we are scurrying around with final preparations and getting the food ready for tonight, which promises to be loads of fun!

But after this I will be scarce online – because I will be with the three most important people in my life, as well as my brother John and niece Marisa who are traveling from Princeton.

This picture is from 2010, a couple of years after moving to New York from Massachusetts. Chris had gotten a Root Beer making kit as one of his Christmas gifts – he has always been into science AND cooking, so all of these things are right up his alley. Everyone was sampling in Margarita glasses … I love this picture.

Christmas 2010

I hope everyone has a great Christmas, or great day off to relax and spend time with friends, family, pets or just quietly alone. See you on the 26th!


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Back to Winter!

  1. I hope you and your family had an amazing holiday and that the Arctic League event got TONS of toys for those kid! We have had some similar weather around here…looking like it’s back up into the mid-50’s tomorrow! What a roller coaster!

    That cookie pie looks amazing. I think all portion control would fly out the window if that were in my house.

    • I think this roller-coaster weather really messes with you trying to get used to things!

      As for the cookie-pie-cake … well, let’s just say that I have no clue what the ‘suggested serving size’ was … but we ate more! It is long gone, even with all of the other desserts we had!

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