What Does One Serving of Holiday Favorites Actually Look Like?


It is the holiday season, and time for another round of ‘holy crap I can’t believe I just ate 3 days worth of calories in one meal’! Somewhere between ‘portion distortion’, nostalgia and the social celebration of meal after meal, it is hard to keep track of what we are eating, and in the end we can let all of the ‘celebrations’ destroy the control of our intake!

So as a helpful – or perhaps depressing – reminder of what one serving of some favorite foods actually looks like, The Greatist is back with another round-up of ‘This is one serving’. As always, bring tissues when viewing what a portion is SUPPOSED to look like!

They did one last year for Thanksgiving, holiday snacks and then for the Super Bowl. And for those not into football, Super Bowl is apparently NOT a term to describe the best way to eat ice cream!

What is the point in all of this? To keep everyone informed. Many of us have grown up with holiday meals overflowing the plate, going back to grab more, lying on the couch unable to contemplate motion, and then stuffing with cakes and pies and cookies a few hours later.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I love both healthy AND decadent foods (and making them!), but for me the key is always balance and portion control – and Intentional Eating rather than grazing! And that is my advice – if you want something, eat it. But instead of having a full serving of everything, try taking much smaller portions and then enjoying eating more slowly, and then going back after a while if you are still hungry.

But most of all, enjoy the time with family and friends whether you celebrate Christmas or just benefit from the holiday break! And for those who work retail, celebrate that today is the end of shopping, and within a week the end of the return season will be here and life can go back to somewhat normal!

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