2013 in Review, and My Running Goals for 2014!

New Years Eve Run

After I got home from my run this morning I got my latest update from Timehop, which was New Years Eve last year. My Facebook update included the following:

Day 52 of my Running Streak, and there was NO WAY I was going to let 2012 end on a ‘single digit’ run! So I did my hill run combined with the airport loop, which is ~10.75 miles. Definitely some challenging spots, as that stiff wind drove snow across the flat areas, so coming up Hickory Grove Rd I was trudging through ~4-6″ of snow and having a good chuckle at myself as I found a couple of nice slush puddles under the snow and soaked my feet.

Of course, I had a similar thought. My kids asked as I headed out how long I planned to run, and I said ‘I have no idea’. It was 18F with a ‘feels like’ temperature near zero. After a couple of miles the wind was mostly in my face and I felt cold, but then all of the wonderful thermal capture properties of the tech fabrics kicked in and I felt warmer. So I kept running – and was able to have my final run of 2013 be 10.3 miles!

It is amazing looking back over the last year to all of the stuff that has gone on in my running life and reflect on what I want for the coming year. I have enjoyed reading so many posts from others and wanted to share my own. I went into details about much of the year in this post, so my 2013 summary will be quick.

Here are a few highlights of 2013:
I ran over 3000 miles! – I wrote about this milestone here, and at this point I am over 3150 miles finishing up for the year!
My first running tights – considering my body image issues, running in tights was a significant hurdle. I am actually in the process of writing up something on running tights, so I’ll save it for then … but suffice to say since I ran a full marathon in compression shorts I have gotten past that hurdle!
PR at both half and full marathon! – my marathon PR took nearly 15 minutes off my best, and my half-marathon PR took 2.5 minutes off while allowing me to feel good about running the next day.
My first significant ‘doubles’ – I did my first ‘double’ training for Wineglass Marathon in 2012, to really push my endurance. This year with all of the Kentucky travel I would regularly run near the hotel in the morning and in the evening either do another hotel run or head to the Shaker Village for a trail run.

So what about 2014? Here are five goals for my running in 2014:
Run more than 2500 miles – Why not more? I really just wanted to break 2000 miles in 2013, so for 2014 my base goal is 2500 with a ‘stretch’ of 3000! Let’s see how it goes!
Run at least 2 Marathons and 1 Half-Marathon – I love Wineglass Marathon and Red Baron Half, so I want those two … but I would also love something new.
Run an Ultra-Marathon – I will be happy with 50km, but would really prefer a 50 miler. There are so many great races in New York state that I hope to find a good one to try! So long as travel doesn’t interfere I plan to make this happen.
Set a PR in either Marathon or Half-Marathon – I really don’t care which, nor do I care by how much.
Put in time on the trails – Of course, this is pretty much mandated by the desire for an ultra. But I love hiking trails, and loved running the trails at Shaker Village in Kentucky last year, AND there are so many great trails in our part of NY and northern PA … I just have to focus on making it happen!

Of course, there is another huge victory for 2013 that I plan to continue 2014:

I maintained my weight without unhealthy eating habits.

In all of 2013 I ate three nutritious meals, balanced my meals and made sure to include proper amounts of proteins and nutrients. While in Kentucky I was almost completely a vegetarian, but the reality of trying to balance the dietary needs, allergies and desire for variety (I can eat the same thing again and again) of a family of four has proven a challenge. But we have done on average one vegetarian meal per week, and the crew has been amazing!

If there is one picture that sums up my running year, it is the one below – me at the end of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon Marathon in compression shorts with my #1 supporter and love of my life!

Post Marathon with Lisa

9 thoughts on “2013 in Review, and My Running Goals for 2014!

  1. Congratulations on an amazing year! 3150 miles is just astounding! You’re an inspiration! And I love the part about maintaining your weight without unhealthy habits, too, of course. An ultra? Wow … Never say never, but the thought of running more than 26.2 just doesn’t do it for me :).

    • Thanks! I was thrilled to read your 2000 mile mark for the year! Sure these are all arbitrary, just like new year itself! But it feels good – especially doing it without injury!

      And who knows, I might try and Ultra and say ‘never again’. But in my head I want to try – just like I really want to do more trail work.

      • Thanks, Michael! Yes, I feel SO lucky that I had no (major) injuries this year, and really hope to continue the trend! I do think that cross-training, foam rolling, and yoga help me immensely. Can’t wait to live vicariously through your Ultra :).

  2. I can’t wait to follow your ultra journey! You are definitely a resource I’m glad to have around as I start my first marathon training. Your mileage is an inspiration!

  3. Wow Mike – you had a GREAT year running and it looks like you will have another great year in 2014. Trail running is something that I am going to make more time for this year as well. When the temps get out of the single-digits, I will be running the local snowmobile trails during the week (stay off them during the weekend-too busy). The pace is slower, but the views are usually pretty awesome. The only bad thing are the coyotes and “wild” dogs up here, so I have to carry a hunting knife (more psychological than real need) on my pack belt (I run with a small pack w/emergency gear when I trail run, because you just never know). I look forward to reading about your adventures in 2014.

    • Same here – my wife is worried because when I was in Utah in 2012 and ran trails on the side of a mountain in Park City I took a couple of spills. But there are so many great trails out here in the Finger Lakes that are within an easy drive that I really owe it to myself!

      I know 2013 was a ‘character development’ year for you, so I look forward to how things go this year for you as well!

  4. Awesome job on 2013! I have never counted my total miles but just came across a new website to track my workouts and I am going to be using it this year! I think the best thing for me in 2014 is to stay healthy – if I can stay injury free then the possibilities are endless as long as I am healthy!

    I hope you and your family have a great 2014! I look forward to reading about your running and progression this year! An ultra sounds awesome – you are braver than me 🙂

    • Thanks Sara – I am honestly surprised with how structured and organized you are with your workouts that you don’t have the mileage tracked as well 🙂

      Definitely hoping you guys have a great year – staying injury free and getting out of Erie to begin the next phase of your adventure!

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