My Personal ‘Resolution Run’ and Counting My Blessings

New Years Day Run1

I know plenty of people go out on New Year’s Day for a ‘Resolution Run’, but it is not something I have done or plan to do. As a runner in a non-running household, I am very aware of the ‘overhead’ associated with races – getting up, ready, driving, arriving early, recovery, and so on. And because they are so supportive, they want to be there for my races – which would mean inflicting all of this stuff on all of them! Though Lisa did request no more races until spring after freezing at the cold and windy finish line for the Red Baron Half!

As a result I will go out for my runs right in my area all the time – which is just fine with me since I have a load of great routes that allow flexibility in distance, hills, and so on. I like that efficiency – but I know that for my New Year goal I will need to get out more to the trails.

Anyway, for my New Year’s run I wanted to do something like a ‘resolution run’, something to mark the start of the new year and re-commit myself to running for the coming year. As I headed out it was another cold and windy day and was snowing already, but just those beautiful flurries. I knew a 5k was too short, so I planned to run at least a 10k route – and picked my 6.75mile route as a result. As I got close to the end the wind slowed down, and the temperature was in the mid-20s and I felt a bit warm, so off came the hat for the last half-mile! I continue to be amazed at how efficient tech materials are at keeping heat trapped inside with very thin layers.

I got back and felt great and really enjoyed my run – and when I was out on the run I was thinking about how fortunate I am in my life. I was still smiling from a fun night with Lisa and Chris, had a great time painting with the boys, and then had gotten a picture from my mother of her and my Dad out for dinner with my brother and his son who had gone to South Carolina to visit.

And so while Thanksgiving is the traditional ‘giving thanks’ time, as we start the new year it makes sense to step back and count my blessings:
Lisa – can I possibly be more fortunate than to have someone that after nearly 22 years of marriage I want nothing more than to spend time hanging out? She is everything to me, and is an amazing person who makes me smile, makes me happy and makes me proud all the time.
– I am so thankful for my boys Danny & Chris – they are amazing kids who are talented and funny and have so much to offer the world and others.
– I really

4 thoughts on “My Personal ‘Resolution Run’ and Counting My Blessings

  1. Happy New Year to you The last bit of this made me tear up a little. Your family sounds amazing and I hope that I still feel this same way about my husband when we have been married almost 22 years! (We’re coming up on our 4th anniversary and I still want nothing more than to hang out with him all the time so I figure we’re off to a good start!)

    • I hope the same thing for you! Whenever I see a young married couple online (or in real life) all I hope is that exact thing – we all know that marriage is hard work and is bound to be full of hills and valleys … and we also all know the statistics, and I see so many of my boys’ friends who have dual-families (or more) and all of the balancing that goes on and the relationship struggles. It is sad. But the important thing is to focus on the positive, and never take each other for granted (though as I am sure you know, bringing a child into the mix just further complicates that!)

  2. Mike – Keep doing well and you have the priorities in the correct order, that is why you have been together for so long. Give and take is a large part of a successful and happy marriage – you seem to have both :-). Congrats on the great New Year’s run and I hope you have many more great runs this year.

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