Throwback Thursday – Where I Was Two Years Ago

January 2012

While I know it is silly in many ways, I mark 2013 as my first full year as a ‘real runner’. I say it is silly because 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of when I started ‘jogging’. And while I did a post on the beginnings of my ‘runner story’, I still haven’t finished the ‘middle years’ and ‘current years’ portions (but will soon). But like most things over time, there are ups and downs through the years of my running.

For example, around 2000 I was traveling back and forth to Philadelphia one week a month for a course for work, and had to compress four weeks into three along with my hour-long commute each way. My eating was terrible and my exercise routine was broken – so I put on weight up to 240lbs, the most I’d weighed since 1989. These things happen …

Right before we moved to New York my thyroid died and I gained weight. Getting meds and joining the local YMCA helped me get it quickly under control, but as the family schedule changed I left the Y and didn’t really get my running routine locked in … so I gained weight.

As I entered 2012 I had the normal resolutions about weight loss and exercise … but no real plans to make it happen. That is why I am always suspicious about resolutions – without a goal set they are easy to get lost. Another resolution was around music – I had let my guitar, bass and keyboard skills languish and hadn’t been composing … but what I really wanted was to get my guitar skills back up to snuff again, and even go beyond. I got a number of gift cards and credits and other things … and was able to get the guitar in the picture – which is a Joe Pass jazz guitar. It is gorgeous looking with serious tone.

The picture shows me in January of 2012 with the guitar, weighing close to 275 lbs – but less than I did when I started losing weight and running in April 2012. If you look at any other picture of me on the site you will see the huge difference – which at this point is 100lbs. In some ways I don’t like seeing these sorts of pictures, but at the same time it is important looking back as a reminder.

I have always thought that moving forward requires looking back to understand where you were and why you don’t want to be there anymore. What are your thoughts on this?

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Where I Was Two Years Ago

  1. I completely agree – it’s so important to keep perspective on these things. I lost over 120 pounds originally, but in the last two months, have gained 16 of them back. It’s helpful to see where I was and remind myself that if I lost weight once, I can do it again! Congratulations on your amazing weight loss!

    • Thanks! Very interesting perspective – and a reminder that we don’t ever know someone else’s history when we meet them (or see them online)! I am interested in how your sugar detox goes. I have found myself much less tolerant of greasy fried foods and processed stuff than ever before – because I am eating more whole, healthy foods now than ever. Good luck to you!

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