True Confessions: I Love Shoveling Snow, and Want an Old-School Lawn Mower!

Lems Snow Shoveling1

Yesterday we got our first real dump of snow this year – about 12″ by this morning. I have two boys who are in high school, taller than me, and totally physically capable … but I headed out around 1PM yesterday after the snow subsided for a while to get in the first shoveling. Sure they were trying to get their homework done so there would be more free time this weekend before they head back to school on Monday, but let’s be clear on the REAL reason I did the shoveling:

I love to shovel.

I love the physical activity, the workout, the challenge of getting it all done quickly and efficiently. When we were in Massachusetts the amount of snow we got would wear me down – because let’s face it, by the time you are standing 6′ in the air shoveling the snow banks so you can pile on more … for the 3rd or 4th time in a single winter, you are done. But out here, we get smaller storms and less snow. I don’t know if we will see 12″ of snow again this winter.

Of course, after shoveling the first 6″ of snow and participating in a conference call for work (on my 2nd to last ‘vacation’ day) I headed out for my run. It was very cold and the wind had turned brutal, and the roads were completely unplowed and the snow had started up for real again – so I knew running main roads was out of the question (Lisa noted that I was an idiot anyway when she got home). Fortunately the loop through our neighborhood is about 1.75 miles, so I ended up with just under 3.5 miles trudging through about 8″ of snow.

Before Lisa was coming home from work the plows came and buried the end of the driveway, so I headed out again to shovel the few added inches plus the end of the driveway. Quick, easy and painless.

And while I’m at it, I have another confession” even though we have a nice Husqvarna ride mower … I really want a classic manual push ‘reel’ mower like this one. I have used one a couple of times, and because our yard isn’t too huge, I think it would be relatively quick and easy. Who knows …

Reel Push Mower

Do you have any true confessions?

7 thoughts on “True Confessions: I Love Shoveling Snow, and Want an Old-School Lawn Mower!

  1. I have a few friends who use that style of mower and love it! My confession is that my husband does all the shoveling and mowing, but those were my jobs before he came along and I enjoyed the workouts myself too! Was a pretty big sense of accomplishment being a tiny 5’2″ girl and shoveling my way through a Nebraska winter or hauling my mower up the stairs in my backyard to do the top level.

  2. Mike – I have a true confession, I hate those old rotary lawn mowers, mine sits in the garage and I take it out and do the lawn with it a couple times a year, just as a strength workout and to remember how much I do hate it 🙂

    I will stay with my snow blower and gas powered tools for as long as we have gas to use. I know how to use the manual equivalents quite well, and there is a reason I just don’t. I want to save my strength for running.

    Enjoy the extra calories you will burn, but snow removal (even just 3-5 inches) with a scoop or shovel on a 300 foot drive way, gets old after the 2nd or 3rd time hehehhe

    Have fun!

    • Haha – when we were on the MA/NH border in the snow belt shoveling would get old really fast, but out here it isn’t so big of a deal. And our driveway is shorter – it only took me 30 minutes each time I did it. That makes a huge difference.

      Back in MA when we had a push mower our yard was an all-day project between mowing and weeding and just brutal. Now we have a flatter yard and can run the tractor in a half-hour and be totally done in just over an hour. So moving to manual won’t be as big of a deal.

  3. I’ve been using the old style mower for decades, even when we had a pretty sizable yard. They do tend to get clogged up, though. But between the added workout, low noise and no fuel, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. Quite the workout between the shoveling and the snowy run, on a day you could have stayed inside like your teens! We have such a tiny amount of lawn that we use a plug-in electric mower– quiet, environmental– OK, not quite as environmental as a push mower but still– and works.

  5. I just LOL’ed at “old man lawn mower” but for real I LOVE THOSE! My grandparents had one and used to let me do the lawn with it when I was young, which by today’s standards of parenting would probably be deemed totally unsafe. I also love shoveling snow. When we had our 77″ of snow winter a few years ago, I spent hours digging my car out with a glass of wine sitting in a snowbank near me. It was fun!

    Let’s see…true confession? I can’t eat fruit in it’s natural state. If it’s juiced, smoothied, or freeze dried, I’m good, but I have texture issues and can’t swallow a bite of any kind of fruit. It’s kind of terrible!

    • Wow, that is very interesting Lauren – my family (esp. wife and younger son) have texture issues with many foods (okra!), and I have heard several times ‘the taste is good but the texture is awful’ for something experimental I tried! Thanks for sharing!

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