Motivation Monday & Weekly Summary


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know ours was crazy – between Chris being sick, Danny having the variety show and Lisa and I trying to juggle it all before she had to do the inventory overnight shift … it was exhausting! Today I wanted to do a ‘motivational Monday’ post, something I don’t ever do … because I found one at Running Shorts that perfectly describes the way I struggled with my feelings as a runner for most of my life.

It took me running a marathon for me to finally call myself a ‘runner’. That marathon I ran in the fall of 2012 … which is more than 23 years after I started running! I can look back now and call it silly, but the reality is I allowed myself to be haunted by the ghosts of being a fat kit and obese young adult, and let that shame me into not accepting myself as the runner I was. While it is easy to ask ‘what if’ about those years, that is fruitless, and now I am a runner and extremely proud of what I have accomplished and where I am at with my health and running.

The quote from Bart Yasso is one he used again when he spoke at the Corning Wineglass marathon event. He was so open, and accepting and humble of all of those who seek to enjoy the sport. I have mentioned before how when I started participating online with running blogs, there were more than a few who sought to define what WAS and WAS NOT a runner, that looked to beat down those who didn’t fit a certain mold of fitness or pace.

But as with any bully, what they are seeking it to find their own validation by putting down others. REAL runners like Bart Yasso seek to broaden the sport, not narrow it. They know that in an age of increasing obesity and decreased fitness, getting people moving is incredibly important.

So if you run … you are a runner. You might be faster or slower than others around you, run long distances or short. But if you run, you are a runner. And all runners are REAL runners.

Here is my week in review:

Monday:– 50F with strong, cool winds – bizarre weather, but I went for a good long 8.5 miles, knowing Tuesday was ‘rest day’.
Tuesday:– -30 wind chills, – this was a planned day off. Smart move!
Wednesday:– -20 wind chills – OK, maybe stupid, but I did 6.75 miles as a real challenge to myself and my cold-weather gear!
Thursday:– 15F with decent winds – again colder than expected, did another 6.75 ‘standard route’ miles.
Friday:– 20s with snow – this was my 6.75 mile ‘joy of fresh snow’ run!
Saturday:– 30s – I had no plans, wanting to spend the day with Lisa since she was off. I woke up early and thought about heading out, deciding that if I was awake in 15 minutes I would run. I woke up 2 hours later and was ready for coffee and chilling on the couch with the family!
Sunday:– 30s – Lisa was working the overnight for inventory, so I ran a quick 8.5 miles (longer distance and shorter time than planned – win!) while she napped and then came home and made dinner. After she left I had a bunch of clean up to do and work to take care of, then I thought … why not! I hadn’t showered yet, so I just threw on another set of running clothes and headed out again! 9 miles this time, very different route.

This morning after Lisa came home and we chatted for a bit she headed off to bed and I headed out for another run – back to my 6.75 mile loop. As this was my third run in just over 12 hours I could feel the fatigue, but it was a good thing. I hadn’t done something like this in a while, so I really enjoyed it!

Hope everyone has a great Monday and an excellent week! And keep us in your thoughts – want Chris healthy for Quebec, and hoping neither Lisa nor Danny are next in line!

5 thoughts on “Motivation Monday & Weekly Summary

    • Trust me – I would MUCH rather be out in 50F temps in shorts and a t-shirt 🙂 Just because I endure it doesn’t mean I like it! Though the snow on last Friday … THAT I liked 🙂

  1. I can’t even imagine doing my daily life in those temps, let alone running your long distances…bravo to you!!
    And thank you for posting that motivational picture – I am so guilty of always saying that I’m ‘not a runner’ because, to me, real runners run…well…like you run! And I run a menial 2-3 miles! But I DO run!! Great post 🙂

    • I think you have pretty much said that about yourself on your blog … and I think the whole thing is that while other people might look at us and laugh when we say ‘not a runner’, inside it means we haven’t crossed some boundary that we had drawn. Maybe it is a speed or distance or whatever, but so long as it is there we are ‘fakes’. Cut yourself a break – you ARE a runner!

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