Icy Roads Means Bodyweight Exercises the BMAX Way!


So this morning I got up, got myself dressed and ready to head out, and was feeling rested and ready. There are two trash services that come through our area – one on Monday, the other on Wednesday. So when the dogs were getting excited I figured it was the trash truck I saw a couple of streets over.

Once I headed outside I found I was wrong – there was ice EVERYWHERE. Turns out the light rain overnight hadn’t turned to snow, so when the temperature dropped everything iced. And since I leave the house by 4:30, the crews haven’t gotten out to salt/sand yet. As a result … I barely made it a half mile before I was back home again. There was no way I could run safely – and as I say only two things stop me running: active lightning and ice.

So today was an ‘inside day’. Normally I like to tie non-running to ‘rest’, but it was too late – I was up, ready and awake. Going back to bed wouldn’t have worked for me. So … I headed to the living room to do bodyweight exercises.

Note: this is not a sponsored post, an ad, or anything else – in fact I didn’t even let BMAX know I was doing this.

In the past, that just meant doing some crunches, etc. But starting last winter I wanted to add something else – and was reading stuff talking about ‘bodyweight exercises’.

Last year at New Year an old friend of mine launched a new site and program called BMAX, shortened from Berler Maximum Activation. He had been very supportive of my running and tracked my progress and contacted me as he got ready to launch. I reblogged, retweeted, shared and so on. He had a pre-lauch trailer I shared – and to be honest the program seemed really cool and something that I could integrate in unintended non-running days like today.

Andy Berler is someone I went to high school and was the top tennis players in the state back then, and dedicated to fitness and improvement. But he was also dedicated to the success of his team and everyone on it. I played on the doubles team my freshman year, and was pretty decent – but not even remotely in the same league with him! That didn’t matter – he was patient and generous with help and hints and encouragement.

So when it launched I was thrilled to check it out, expecting the same infectuous high energy non-judgemental encouragement. And that is what I got, along with great workouts.

And it was effective – and hilarious. In some ways it reminds me of my first burpees in December when I did the ‘100 burpee challenge’, because the exercises seem simple enough when you watch someone else doing them, and generally doing one or two slowly is no big deal.

But when you begin doing them at speed, alternating sides, and so on … they are difficult, exhausting, and somtimes you fall over. Like I said – hilarious. I laughed at myself often.

Since the launch of BMAX, Andy has seen great success – he has gone from being the tennis pro and fitness director of a large Cape Cod center to, as his Twitter profile says “Fitness Expert. Creator of BMAX. Official Trainer of the New England Patriots Cheerleaders.”

Yep, he is the trainer of the New England Patriots Cheerleaders, and traveled with them to the Caribbean for their training camp, has been on numerous local Boston news shows and features, and was featured last week on the Boston show Chronicle.

You can check out BMAX yourself by heading to their YouTube channel, or see them on Facebook or Twitter.

Here is one of his more recent workout challenges, called ‘Thunder’:

And here is an early video, but one that I have bookmarked and did this morning:

It should go without saying that this is a personal opinion and my recommendation is based on doing nearly zero research other than knowing a few basic bodyweight exercises. All I know is that I had the opportunity to support a friend, and his stuff works well for me … so I still use it!

5 thoughts on “Icy Roads Means Bodyweight Exercises the BMAX Way!

  1. Oh no I hate ice!! I’m sorry it ruined your run, but that you were able to get some fitness in otherwise.

    I’ve never tried BMAX, but the very vast majority of the strength training that I do is all body weight (with the exception of hand weights I use sometimes to work my arms). I have no interest in hanging out at the weight room at the gym, so this has always worked well for me. Burpees are my mortal enemy though. I tried that challenge once as well and let’s just say I didn’t finish it. 🙂

  2. Ice is a definite no go for me as well, sometimes not running is the only choice to make to make sure that you will be running tomorrow. I am thinking about adding one of the video workouts (either yoga or a ramp it up one) to my routine 2x week and this one sounds interesting.

    Good choice this morning, there will always be tomorrow 🙂

    • It was funny that this happened right after you had troubles with ice and I commented that we had melted to salt and grit! Today was back to good conditions again, fortunately!

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