If You Have a Great Run and Didn’t Enable Your GPS … Did It Happen?

Stealth Run

Today I had a fantastic run – headed straight out, the weather was perfect, I was motivated and energized … and so I just flew! I could tell by my breathing and form that I was tearing it up – I was trying to estimate pace as I went, but didn’t want to look at my watch to see.

Maybe I should have – because I would have seen a lot of blanks and realized what was wrong – when I was unable to run due to the ice, I disabled the GPS and just did heart-rate monitoring as I did body-weight exercises. Unfortunately I never re-enabled the GPS for running!

I didn’t realize this until I got home and checked my wrist and there was nothing but time … it didn’t make sense at first, but quickly I realized what I had done!

When I look at the time numbers on the screen – I know what I accomplished, but only in general terms. I tweaked a normal route just a little bit so I can’t easily determine precise distance. But I know it was between 6 and 6.25 miles … meaning that I did my hill run at considerably better than an 8 minute pace!

But without the proof, does it really matter?

YES! It matters because I KNOW that I ran really fast, that I took the hill like it was nothing, that I was joyous as I could feel my body and lungs working, and as I looked at the clock as I arrived home and KNEW what I had done.

It gets back to the thought we can get too dependant on our technology – all I got from my hardware was that I did just over 45 minutes. And honestly, even if I had the GPS and heart rate data, the MOST important elements of the run were about how I FELT, and not about the specifics of the data.

7 thoughts on “If You Have a Great Run and Didn’t Enable Your GPS … Did It Happen?

  1. It happened.

    Sometimes we get too caught up in feeling that we have to be able to prove what we did on our runs, to prove it to the trolls who would question our integrity. After all we couldn’t possibly have actually done run that far or fast.

    Been there and had that experience, The first few times it happened the troll’s comments bothered me and then I took the attitude, that it was their problem not mine and now when I get a comment along those lines, I just delete it without worrying about it.

    No you are correct, the most important elements of your run were how you felt during the run, the data is secondary. 🙂

    • I never even thought about people challenging my veracity … though it makes sense. I really don’t know what I would have to prove that would make me lie or exaggerate, though! 🙂

      • That is the way I used to think too, then I got a bunch that visited and did just that, it was weird and initially got me all worked up to think that someone thought I was not being honest. Oh well, it is just part of the internet and I learned to not feed the trolls or let them bother me. I just don’t publish what they write. 🙂 But they are out there and can be extremely hurtful/annoying on purpose.

  2. It DID happen, but I 100% relate to your feelings of “terror” when you saw the blanks. I actually recently did my first speed workout (it was just fartleks, but still) without a GPS and felt SO strange. Working on loosening my grip on technology 🙂

    • One thing in my favor is that I have about 6 months where it is inconvenient to look at my watch due to wearing sleeves and/or gloves. 🙂 Of course, that also means I don’t get those incredible looking Farmer’s Markets! 😦

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