Take Care Tuesday: I Am Enough


When I started ‘Take Care Tuesday’ last week, my intent was looking outward at the world in terms of the environment, looking outwards at our sphere of influence in how we deal with nature, animals and other people, and looking at ourselves in terms of health and fitness.

What I hadn’t thought about was taking care by looking inward – which is ironic considering how much I talk about the mental game of running, body image issues, and other things that involve working within ourselves.

Last week I was reminded in two separate blog posts about something I had seen shared about a year ago, so I dug it up and shared it in the comments on those posts. But I also thought it was worth sharing here – because I believe that ALL of us struggle in one way or another with our sense of self worth.

We question our value, our worth, and why it is we just can’t seem to meet the expectations that either we or someone else has placed on us. Maybe we think we’re not a good enough student or spouse or friend or worker or teacher or runner or person … but rest assured, while we are all imperfect, we ARE enough. Here is something to remember when those feelings of inadequacy rear their ugly head – read it, write your own version, and remember … you ARE enough, and so am I.


I am full of sparkle and compassion. I genuinely want to make the world a better place. I love hard. I practice kindness. I’m not afraid of the truth. I am loyal, adventurous, supportive, and surprising. I am a woman. I am enough. I make mistakes, but I own them and learn from them. Sometimes I make a bunch of mistakes.

I am enough. I am open, juicy, artistic, full blast. I am also vain, emotional, demanding, and looking for answers. I am a woman who is open to mysteries, accepting of miracles. I am diving in, devouring, loving, protecting, peeling back the surface of petty desires to the hunger for connection, for belief, for truth.

I am less concerned with doing things correctly than I once was and more concerned with dancing, drumming, swimming naked.

I accept that a sense of wonder is something to cultivate. I accept that I sometimes self medicate with alcohol, with filling my life full of busyness, with going into self imposed isolation. I accept that I crave financial abundance, a freedom to do what I want, when I want it. I am still enough.

I am a lover of ripe mangoes, stars in the midnight sky, stories around the campfire, the smell of rich coffee, laughing until I can’t breathe, having someone reach for my hand. I am a lover, a sister, a storyteller, a daughter, a mentor, and a student.

I am enough.

And I know in my deepest heart– You are enough too.

This originally came from the site Stratejoy, written by Molly Mahar.

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