The Traveling Blogger Sharing Award

OK, I am just going to leave out the ‘sisterhood’ part, and head straight into this. Lauren, who has a cool blog at Run Salt Run tagged me in one of those blog posts where everyone links to some of their favorite blogs and answers a few questions. Thanks Salt! (Update: this was supposed to post last week … UGH! Good old WordPress … )


What I like about these posts is that I generally learn something new, and almost always find a cool new blog to check out! And since I had only read about half of the blogs on Salt’s list, it is already a ‘win’ for me!

Here are the guidelines:
1. Post the logo on your blog. Done.
2. Thanks the person who nominated you. Done.
3. Answer the questions. See below.
4. Choose 10 or so other bloggers as your nominees. Also see below.
5. Post the links to the nominees’ blogs and notify them on their blog.

Favorite Color


Blue Hat1

Favorite Animal

I am torn between dogs and cats. I think in many ways I am more of a cat person, but these two dogs are my life!

Puppy Time1

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink

I would love to say water, but the reality is I live on coffee first.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook – I just can’t keep up with my Twitter feed effectively. Facebook is something I joined right away, but didn’t use for a couple of years until more of my old friends became active. At this point it is my main social media site.

Favorite Pattern

Now THIS is a strong contender …

Footprints bass patter


What is Your Passion?

If I have to choose a single passion, it is my family. Yeah, yeah yeah, I know, I know – but it is true. There is nothing that comes before my family – not even running. I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful wife and two awesome boys. They are the reason for everything in my life, and the drive that gets me through every hill and valley along the way.

Aside from my family, I am passionate about music – I love listening and analyzing and playing music. My first love is jazz, mostly ‘out there’ avant garde stuff. I play guitar, bass and keyboards at various levels. One of my goals this year is to continue working on those skills!

And, #4 & #5 – Choose 10 Other Bloggers to annoy tag to do a follow-up post!

Harold at
Em at LovaLatte
Sammy at Peace, Love and Ice Cream
Megan at The Lyon’s Share
Cori at She’s Going the Distance
Sara at LovingOnTheRun
Laura at Fit Fresh and Funny
Sarah at Shh…Fit Happens
Laura at And This Is Thirty
Sarah at Running on Healthy

9 thoughts on “The Traveling Blogger Sharing Award

  1. YAY!! Welcome to my sisterhood. (Haha!) I love all your answers especially your favorite pattern. 🙂 I’m off to check out these other blogs you mentioned…I love finding new ones too!

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