Weekly Recap and Spill It Sunday Music Edition

Yeah, this pretty much sums up my running fashion this week!

Yeah, this pretty much sums up my running fashion this week!

The month of January has been like a roller-coaster ride that has taken us from -30 to 60F! While I was out Friday in -2F temperatures I was thinking of a classic Little Bear cartoon, where they recite a rhyme:

Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not

In fact, here is a video of that cartoon episode:

I asked my kids … and they don’t even remember this anymore. Oh well, I have never really pretended that Veggie Tales, Beatrix Potter, Little Bear and so on were just for the kids anyway! I still have ‘The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas’ on my iTunes. Speaking of which:

OK, now back to reality … my running for the week.

Sunday: REST DAY! More like ‘sleep day’, it was awesome and much needed!
Monday: 30F – 10.5 miles – it was a school holiday and Lisa didn’t have to be in too early, so I was able to be later getting back. The weather was still great.
Tuesday: 11F – 8.5 miles – OK, the temperature was colder and I didn’t like that, but I knew it was getting worse so I wanted to push it a bit.
Wednesday: -20F wind chill – 6.75 miles. Yeah, another ‘Polar Vortex’ challenge, and another day the kids had a 2-hour delay from school. It was really cold, but not as bad as two weeks ago.
Thursday: -8F with light winds – 6.75 miles. The difference between Wednesday and Thursday was huge in terms of ‘real feel’ being much better today. Still used my ‘standard route’.
Friday -2F with light winds – 6.75 miles (see a trend?). Yeah, still cold enough for me to do my no-thinking route.
Saturday 24F with 25MPH winds – 14.5 miles. I did the same exact run as my #MegsMiles run last week. The problem with this run was the wind – when it blew I was cold, when it stopped I got sweaty. That can get dangerous and made me glad I had wicking clothes on – my outer shirt was soaked by the end!

Overall not a bad week – I managed more than 54 miles even though the average daily temperature was close to zero! Sunday is another rest day, then back at it – with another week of sub-zero mornings in store before things return to more ‘seasonal’ temperatures.

Lisa and I also got in a date night on Saturday, which was a blast – it was just a relaxing dinner out, but it was the sort of recharge and time alone away from home we needed.

I totally missed the boat on this one … apparently last Sunday the ‘spill it topic’ was music. Oh well, I am just going to do it today!

Here goes:

-> What is your all time favourite musical artist/band?
I would have to go with Miles Davis. He was part of the early recordings of bebop with Charlie Parker, released the first ‘cool jazz’ recording, set the standard for the ‘hard bop’ school, innovated a new area called ‘model jazz’, and then revolutionized jazz-rock fusion with his Bitches Brew album. I was very lucky to see him twice in the early 80s before he died.

-> What is your favourite genre of music?
Definitely Jazz – and more specifically avant garde jazz. I have a love for music that I find stimulating and challenging, and very often that ends up being stuff no one else really wants to hear.

-> Which genre of music could you skip over on the radio?
Country, for sure. But also opera or modern pop.

-> Which musician does NOT deserve that title?
This is tough, because I think all recording artists have something to offer or they wouldn’t have been signed. But I think that people who use auto-tune in the studio and lip-sync on stage are definitely pushing it!

-> Most embarrassing musical admissions/tastes
I am not really embarrassed about much – I love 80s pop and alt-rock like The Smiths and Tears for Fears, punk from Sex Pistols and Violent Femmes, rap from A Tribe Called Quest, classical, rock and so on.

-> Favourite song of all time?
Again, Bitches Brew by Miles Davis – the structure of the song owes to Wagner’s ‘Overture to Rienzi’ but is intricate and challenging, utilizing tape and other effects along with a double ensemble that somehow keeps it together even though Miles really didn’t tell them what they were doing!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap and Spill It Sunday Music Edition

  1. Mike that is a great week, especially with the whether the weather challenges that were presented to you. I am going to have to take a look, well actually a listen to Miles Davis, never really listened to him. I do know that I will be glad to get to more seasonal weather, whether or not it actually happens, remains to be seen. 😉

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