Wordless Wednesday #2 – a T-Rex Shout Out in USA Today!


OK, so I know I don’t really get this whole ‘wordless’ thing. Over at USA Today they have a feature called “14 spring races all runners should try”, and amongst them is the Wisconsin Marathon with the following text:

Wisconsin Marathon, Kenosha, Wis.: This flat-coursed race is all about enjoying unspoiled views of Lake Michigan while experiencing the cheerful atmosphere created by the camaraderie of a large group of fun-loving runners. Few race routes can compare with the Badger State’s lakefront landscapes, and when the scenic journey comes to an end runners are awarded with a Big Cheese medal and invited to a post-race party featuring live music and best of all, a free brat and beer.

The three women are wearing ‘Team T-Rex’ shirts, from the T-Rex Runner site. The person second-to-right is Danielle, the T-Rex Runner, and on the far right is her friend Amanda. The two of them are ‘Marathon Maniacs’, with a goal of running marathons in all 50 states. Danielle’s particular goal is to do it all before she turns 30.

T-Rex Runner is one of the first running blogs I hooked into nearly two years ago, based on a comment on a site recommended by one of the editors at another site I write for. It was (IIRC) the same post (which I can’t recall) that landed me at another fave – Runnah.com. Because, really, how can you NOT click on the link for a commenter called ‘T-Rex Runner’ (or Veteran Runnah for that matter).

Her blog is full of humor as well as some very personal stories about early divorce, eating disorders, injuries, frustration, and so on. Also loads of rants, funny stories, race reports more about beer and bad hotels than running, and so on. It is a cool blog, she is a great person, and it was awesome seeing her featured (though not cited) in the USA Today article.

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