Wordless Wednesday – Snow Day!

Snow Day1

I don’t know why I have an exclamation point at the end, not like I get the day off or anything. Oh yeah, I got to run in unplowed snow and get to go out and shovel before heading into work! Works for me!

Apparently someone plowed our road so we only had ~3″ on the street – but no one had driven on it yet. So I was in for a surprise when I hit the main road and encountered 4-6″. It was thick enough that it was work running through it – but as I have said before there is just SOMETHING about running in the fresh snow.

And even more than the last storm I was alone – the picture at top is from a cup-de-sac in the development next to ours where the road was untouched except for me. And below is a shot from the other side of our development where nothing had touched the snow. Well, until I messed it up a few seconds later.

Snow Day2

Also, did everyone know that as part of the 10th anniversary of Facebook you can head to your own ‘Lookback’ and see a summary of your activity through the years. For me it has been nearly 7 years, as I joined soon after it became available to the general public.

Check out your own Lookback, or you can even view mine if you want to lose a minute of your life you can never get back!

So – how is your weather today?

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Snow Day!

  1. Nice pictures and good on you for getting out there with a few inches! It just started snowing up heah and we are supposed to get 5-10 inches, so shouldn’t be too bad if it stays in the 5 range, either way snowblower, drive the wife to work, walk the dog – long walk and fit in a run when I can kind of day

    • Thanks Harold … it was so nice out there! Today was super cold … again! We ended up near 12″, but it was pretty light, and I only had to shovel the end of the driveway a second time before work, then the kids were off and did the mop-up on the rest. How did you guys end up?

    • Some days it is better to have snow, and yesterday was not bad for driving, just using caution – people have now remembered how to drive in the snow! Back at my old company I actually did have a day or two when they shut down … that was a rarity! Now that I can work remotely somewhat, it is less of an issue.

  2. That pristine snow is gorgeous! I would totally make snow angels in the middle of the cul de sac. We live on a snow route, so our driveway always ends up with this snow blockade at the end no matter how much we shovel ourselves out. I sometimes feel like an action hero when I bust through the drift at the end. 🙂

    • I wish I had grabbed a selfie – there was enough wind that the inside of my hoodie was full of snow 🙂

      I know what you mean about the drift – we only get cross-drifts here, but in our old house we definitely needed theme music getting through the end of the driveway! 🙂

  3. I love your video!! I actually stayed up way too late last night watching other people’s. Mine and my husband’s made me cry like 50 times.

    So pretty out there with all the snow! We had about a 1/4 inch of ice this morning. Pretty on the trees until the big branches start breaking off. A couple of my neighbors had their cars hit. 😦

    • That is funny – I guess I look at my pics so much trolling for Throwback Thursday ideas that I didn’t see anything new! Glad you enjoyed yours! Of course you likely had pre-baby, pregnancy and baby pics in there, which always give me a case of ‘the feels’ 🙂

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